Vehicle Statuses

PERMISSION: Account Owners and Administrators can manage Vehicle Statuses. Learn more in the User Types article.

Status is a required field in the Vehicle record. Fleetio includes pre-defined Vehicle Statuses to include Active, Inactive, In Shop, Out of Service, and Sold. You have the option to Edit or Delete these Statuses, as well as Add your own custom Statuses.

NOTE: Vehicle Statuses are for labeling the status for the Account and do not affect Service Reminders. You will need to delete Service Reminders or Archive the vehicle if you wish to remove the Vehicle from Service Reminder and other Notifications.

Manage Vehicle Statuses

Navigate to Settings > Vehicles > Vehicle Status via the left sidebar menu, or click your Company drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Click + Add Vehicle Status button in the upper right corner (1) to add a new Status, and enter a Name (2).

Choose whether to apply this Status as the Default for new Vehicles (3). This setting is simply the Default and can be changed at any time. Optionally, apply a Color (4) and click Save.

Edit or Delete an existing Status via the More Actions menu at the end of the row:

Vehicle Status Changes

Whenever a Vehicle's status changes, Fleetio records the Event. You can access this History from each Vehicle Profile.

Navigate to Vehicles > Vehicle List and click the Vehicle in question. Scroll to Vehicle Details and click the History link:

Each Event will be displayed in the Status Updates window as an individual line item that includes the Status From, Status To, the Date, and the User who made the change.

Filter and Report by Status

The Vehicle List screen and various Reports will include easy Filter options so that you can narrow results displayed by Vehicle Status.

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