Vehicle Statuses

PERMISSION: Administrators, Owners and Users with the appropriate permissions can have access to manage Vehicle Statuses. Read more about setting Permissions here.

All vehicles in Fleetio are required to be assigned a status. Fleetio has pre-populated common Vehicle Statuses, such as Active and Inactive. However, you have the option to edit or delete statuses, as well as add your own custom statuses.

To manage Vehicle Statuses, select Settings or access Account Settings through your Company menu:

Navigate to the Vehicle Statuses page. Click  + Add Vehicle Status at the top right to add a new Status.

Setting the Default Status for Vehicles

You can set any Vehicle Status as the default that will be automatically assigned when adding new vehicles. This setting is simply the default and can be changed at any time.

Vehicle Status Changes

Whenever a Vehicle's status changes, Fleetio records the date and change that occurred in the status history. You can access the history from each Vehicle's screen as shown in the screenshot below. 

Each status change will be displayed in the history window as an individual line item that includes the status, date, and the user who enacted the change.

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