Vehicle Types

PERMISSION: Administrators, Owners and Users with the appropriate permissions can have access to manage Vehicle Types. Read more about setting Permissions here.

Vehicle Types are a great way to categorize your vehicles in Fleetio. Also, most reports and list screens throughout Fleetio allow you to filter based on Vehicle Type, so it's a powerful way to segment your vehicles.

Fleetio does come pre-populated with common Vehicle Types, however you can edit, delete, or add your own at any time.

Vehicle Types can be managed from the Settings area, accessed either through the blue, left navigation or via the company menu:

Below, click  + Add Vehicle Type using the green button at the top right to add a new Vehicle Type, or edit/delete a Vehicle Type from the Actions menu.

Setting a Default Vehicle Type

You can set any Vehicle Type in the list to be the "default", which will be pre-selected when adding a new vehicle. This setting is simply the default and can be changed at any time. Note, only one Vehicle Type can be the default. 

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