Service Tasks

Service Tasks are your custom set of maintenance and repair tasks that can be tracked as reminders and logged as actions completed against your vehicles.

  • Service Tasks are usually preventative maintenance (PM) tasks and other repair services performed on vehicles, typically on a recurring basis. Examples include “Oil Change”, “Tire Rotation”, “PM-A” and “Car Wash”.
  • Service Tasks can be grouped together, where one Service Task includes one or more subtasks. For example, “PM-A” could include the subtasks “Oil Change” and “Tire Rotation”.
  • Service Tasks are logged for a vehicle via a Service Entry or Work Order.
  • Service Reminders trigger reminder notifications when Service Tasks for a vehicle become due or are overdue (e.g. Oil Change every 5,000 miles).

Note: All Owners and Administrators can fully manage the list Service Tasks on your account, but Regular Users must be given Service Task Management permissions in their Role - view the permissions reference for more information.

Manage Service Tasks

Service Tasks can be managed from the Service Tasks page accessible under "Service" in your left navigation menu:

Fleetio comes pre-populated with common Service Tasks. You can modify, delete, or add to these however you'd like - these are just a guideline. Just know that each Service Task must have a unique name. Fleetio will prevent you from adding two Service Tasks with the exact same name.

TIP: Service Tasks can be created or edited in bulk using Fleetio's import tool. 

Archiving Service Tasks

A Service Task can be archived when its historical data needs to be conserved, but when it also should not be available for future use.

To archive a Service Task, select the "Archive" option from the Actions menu for the Service Task. The archived task will remain in the list for future reporting but will display (Archived) to the left of the name to signal that it is not an active option.

Note: Deleting a Service Task will also delete any associated Service Reminder or line item recording its usage on your account, so archiving is strongly recommended.

Service Task Groups

Service Tasks can be grouped together making it easy to log multiple tasks at once and keep your data consistent. This is ideal for things like preventative maintenance programs where numerous tasks are completed at the same time as part of the planned maintenance.

Example: "PM-A” Service Task contains the following Service Tasks as subtasks:

  1. Oil & Filter Change
  2. Tire Rotation
  3. Tire Balance
  4. Safety Inspection

Managing Subtasks

When adding or updating a Service Task, you can choose one or more existing Service Tasks as “subtasks”.

Note: Only Service Tasks without subtasks can be selected. For example, if Service Task “PM-A” includes “Oil Change” and “Tire Rotation” as subtasks then “PM-A” cannot be selected as a subtask for “PM-B”. However, both “Oil Change” and “Tire Rotation” can also be subtasks of “PM-B”.

If a subtask is added or removed from a Service Task, historical data in the system will not be affected (existing Service Entries and Work Orders). These updates will only affect new Service Entries and Work Orders.

Service Reminder Completion

Service Reminders will be recalculated regardless of whether a Service Task is logged as a “regular” Service Task or as a “subtask”.

Example: Say you have a Service Reminder for “Oil Change” setup for every 5,000 miles. Say you also have a Service Task named “PM-B” that includes “Oil Change” as a subtask. If you complete a Work Order with “Oil Change” selected directly as a line item OR you select “PM-B” as a line item, the associated Service Reminder will be recalculated either way.

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