Subscription & Billing Info

PERMISSION: Only the Account Owner or Administrators with the "Manage Subscription and Billing Information" permission can access these areas.

To access your Subscription and Billing information, navigate via your Settings menu.

Subscription Information

Select Subscription from the Settings menu to:

Change Your Account Owner

If the current Owner of your account leaves the company, or you need to assign a new Owner to your account for other reasons, simply select Change Owner from the "Your Subscription" section. You are able to change the Owner to any active User on the account.

Adding Additional Email Addresses

In the event you need to add additional email addresses to receive account billing communication, Fleetio offers a CC Emails field. Any email addresses entered in that field (separated by commas) will be CC'd on Fleetio Billing communication.

Upgrading/Downgrading with Proration

Fleetio shows your current plan in the "Your Subscription" section of the Subscription page. 

When your trial is complete, you will receive a red banner at the top of your Dashboard allowing you to update your billing information.

You can also make changes to your subscriptions using the options in the "Manage Subscription" section.

NOTICE: If you are upgrading to a higher plan, you will receive a prorated credit for the unused days left in your billing cycle and this will be applied to the new plan. If downgrading to a smaller plan, the prorated difference will be credited to your account and applied to the next billing cycle.

Cancel Your Subscription

Should you need to cancel your Fleetio subscription, you can do so by selecting Cancel Subscription and Close Account from the "Manage Subscription" section of the Subscriptions page.

Prior to cancelling your account you may want to export the data in your Fleetio account by navigating to the Settings menu and selecting Export Account Data.

Billing Information

Select Billing from the Settings menu to:

To activate a paid plan, you will need to add an accepted credit card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Discover).

Viewing Your Billing Contact Information

If you have not already done so, when you log on Fleetio will prompt you to add your Billing Address.  This can later be edited in "Subscriptions and Billing"

Addresses will also auto-search via Google Lookup:

Adding/Updating a Credit Card

Click View Billing Details in the Subscriptions and Billing section to add or change your credit card details.

Selecting Add Credit Card will provide you with the option to add one, or multiple, credit cards to your account. 

Credit Card Security

We do not store any credit card information in the Fleetio databases.

All credit card information is securely stored with our credit card processor, This adheres to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comprehensive requirements developed by the major card brands to facilitate the adoption of consistent data security measures.

Our credit card processor,, is PCI compliant.

Billing Statements

You can access a complete history of your billing statements on the Billing page. Simply click the date of the billing statement you'd like to view and a PDF version of the billing statement will open for you to view and download.


We can issue invoices for annual plans (prepay for a year in advance). 

NOTICE: Invoiced customers are not able to add vehicles/drivers beyond their invoiced limit or remove vehicles/drivers for an account credit within their account. To add or remove vehicles/drivers, please contact Thanks!

NOTICE: We can only accept check payments from customers in the U.S. at this time. International customers must pay via credit card.

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