How do I report incorrect or invalid speed limit data?

The Fleetio Drive Scoring System rates Drivers based on various Trip Events, such as Excessive Speeding.

NOTE: The Driver Behavior Monitoring and Safety Scorecards features are available in the  Fleetio Drive Advanced Plan. View and update your subscription as shown here.

You may encounter a section of road that uses an incorrect speed limit, triggering an Event for Excessive Speeding. If you notice incorrect speed limits, Fleetio can help validate and correct the data.

Report Incorrect Speed Limit Data

1. Navigate to Trips > Trip List via the left sidebar menu (1). Locate the Trip with the speed Event (2). Click the row to view detail.

2. In the Trip details window, click the RED section of the route where the incorrect Event was recorded:

3. Take a screenshot of this window, showing the  Driver, Date, and Time. Be sure to include the tool tip as displayed above, indicating the driver speed vs. the posted speed limit. Email this screenshot to and provide your explanation, for example “The posted sign is 35 mph on that section of road, not 25mph.”

The Fleetio support team will investigate the speed limit in question and work to correct the data as soon as possible!

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