How to Add Drivers to Fleetio for Trip Tracking

To start tracking your drivers in Fleetio each person will need to be a Fleetio user.

Adding new Users as drivers to your Fleetio account

Navigate to the Users and Permissions section of your account by clicking User Management in the main menu on the left.

PERMISSIONS: Only Owner and Admin roles can add and remove users in Fleetio.

TIP: If the driver is already set up in Fleetio, skip to the section titled Set Existing Users as Drivers below.

If the driver is new to Fleetio, you’ll need to add them. Click + Add User in the upper right of the page if the driver is new to Fleetio. You can follow the steps to Add Users and Contacts

Enter the User Details of the driver.

Choose a Role 

Choose a User role. Either Viewer, Manager or Admin must be selected for proper set up. If the user was already in Fleetio, ensure they have one of these roles. The Notifications Only role will not work for trip tracking.

  • Viewer (recommended) - The User will be able to view their trip data and Leaderboards in Fleetio Go and in the Fleetio web app but won’t have the ability to view other driver's trips or manage any other data in Fleetio. 
  • Fleet Manager: Access to create, view, and edit records across Fleetio modules (certain Delete actions restricted)
  • Notifications Only: For users that do not need to view or take action on any Fleetio records but still need to be included on notifications.
  • Operator: Best for vehicle operators with a narrow focus - logging fuel, inspections, Issues, etc.
  • Custom Roles:  You can read more about Custom Roles and Permissions here.

Designate Users as Drivers

Set the "Enable Driver" toggle from OFF to ON:

IMPORTANT: Active Drivers are billed as part of your subscription. Setting someone as a Driver may change your billing amount.

Scroll down and click "Save User".

Repeat for each driver you’d like to track using Fleetio Drive.

NOTE:  Each User you set up will receive an email that invites them to your account and asks them to create a password. Drivers will need to complete their own setup instructions: For Drivers: Getting Started with Fleetio Drive

Set existing Users as Drivers

From the Users list, choose the "More Options" icon on the right of a User's row. 

Click  "Set as driver" to make them a Driver.

NOTE:  Ensure Drivers complete setup instructions so they can tracked: For Drivers: Getting Started with Fleetio Drive

NEXT: Assigning Drivers to Groups

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