Assigning Drivers to Groups

By now, you may have set up your Drivers in Fleetio and have received a few trips. If you haven't set up your Drivers in your Fleetio account, complete the steps in:  How to Add Drivers to Fleetio for Trip Tracking.

TIP: Grouping drivers based on their function, location or any other designation is helpful when viewing Reports as it allows you to filter and view results by Group or Subgroup

Assigning Drivers to Groups

Groups are applied at the Contact-level in Fleetio. You have two options (choose one) for applying Group and Subgroup designations for your fleet.

Option 1: Import Contacts and Group assignments (Recommended if you have more than ten Drivers or Groups)

PERMISSION: Account Owners and Admins with the “Manage Account Settings” permission have the ability to import data into Fleetio.

  1. Visit our Contacts Import Guide to learn how to upload contacts and group designations via CSV file. Your CSV file must contain the first_name, last_name and group columns. If you’re using subgroups, be sure to follow the instructions for the column headers and data formats for Group|Subgroup in the Contacts Import Guide. 
  2. Once you’ve imported your Contacts, you’ll need to link each Contact to its corresponding User.

Option 2: Manually Set up Contacts and Groups (Recommended if you have less than ten Drivers or Groups)

  1. You’ll need to create Groups and Subgroups that will later be applied to your Contacts. Click here to view the instructions for setting up Groups and Subgroups.
  2. Add Contacts. The only required field is the Name field. Make sure to apply the Groups and Subgroups to each contact that you set up in Step 1.

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