Vendor Overview

A Vendor represents an entity that services your vehicles/assets, sells or loans vehicles, provides fuel, and much more. It can be a 3rd-party provider, or an in-house group or cost center.

Fleetio gives you the ability to link a Vendor with a Service Entry, Fuel Entry and other records. This makes it easy to see exactly how much you are spending with each Vendor.

You can filter certain reports by Vendor, such as the Service Summary Report.

You can include a variety of information for your reference for each Vendor record, including:

Vendor Name

This is the only required field, and must be unique. (You can't have two Vendors with the same name)

Address Information

When you add a Vendor's address information, it will be linked to Google Maps on the "view" screen.


If you provide a website URL, it will automatically hyperlinked on the Vendor list and details view screens

Vendor Information

Select a vendor from the Vendor list to view, edit or delete Vendors. 

    Deleting a Vendor will delete all of the historical data for the Vendor. Where the Vendor was previously listed in a record (eg: service task), the field will be blank and any record of that vendor ever being on the service task will be erased.From each vendor's page, you can see important information such as contact and historical cost data as well as important comments.

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