Vendor Overview

A Vendor is any entity that your organization does business with. This might include vehicle or equipment service providers, purchasing and loans, retail suppliers, fuel providers and much more. This entity can be a third-party provider or an in-house group or cost center.

Fleetio gives you the ability to link a Vendor with a Service Entry, Fuel Entry and other records. This makes it easy to see exactly how much you are spending with each Vendor, and to generate Reports accordingly.

Navigate to Contacts & Users > Vendor List via the left sidebar menu:

From the Vendor List, you may take advantage of these features and functions:

  1. Click the tab to view Vendors by Classification (Fuel, Service, or Parts) or to view Archived records
  2. Search and Filter results
  3. Use the Sort drop-down to order the display
  4. Navigates between pages with the arrow buttons
  5. Click any Vendor to view Detail
  6. Access Edit, Archive and Merge options via the More Actions drop-down menu
  7. Check the boxes to  to the left of the Vendor Name in each row to multi-select and Manage Classifications or bulk Archive
  8. Export to CSV
  9. Import Vendors
  10. Click to + Add Vendor individually

Add Vendors

You can Add Vendors individually (via the + Add Vendor button shown above), or in bulk via Import. A Vendor record can include various information.

Add - Vendor Details

The Vendor Name (1) is the only required field. Optionally include Phone Number (2) and Website (3). If you enter a website URL, it will automatically hyperlink on the Vendor List and Vendor Profile screens for easy access.

When you add a valid Address (4), it will be linked to Google Maps on the View screen. In addition, a Location Entry can then be tracked for any Service Entries and Fuel Entries attributed to this Vendor.

NOTE: Vendor records must be unique based on Vendor Name and Address. For example, you may have two Vendor records with the same Vendor Name, but each must have a different Address.

Add - Contact Person

The primary contact Name, Email, and Phone.

Add - Classification

A Vendor may optionally be designated as Fuel, Service, and/or Parts.  This indicates whether or not a Vendor will be available in the drop-down selection to add to Fuel Entries, Service Entries and Work Orders, or Parts and Purchase Orders.

TIP: Learn more in the Vendor Classification article.

Add - Custom Fields

Custom Fields can be created for Vendor records in your Account Settings. Any Custom Fields available will display here.

TIP: Learn more in the Custom Fields article.

Click Save & Add Another to continue with more Vendors, or Save Vendor to complete.

View and Edit Vendors

Select a Vendor from the list to View the Vendor Profile, displaying important information such as Details (1), Classifications (2), and Comments (3).

Historical cost information is summarized (4) with quick links to View Reports (5).

Click the Edit Vendor drop-down button (6) to Edit or Archive.

Integration Vendors

Fleetio integrates with many third-party systems, automating data entry by receiving fuel transactions, vehicle locations and other vehicle data. In the course of this data import, new records are created in the Fleetio database. When communication via Fleetio integration results in the creation of a new Vendor record, this Vendor is flagged in the Vendor List with an Integration Vendor symbol:

The Vendor Record will include a special read-only data field Integration Vendor ID, displayed in the Details section of the Vendor Profile:

Archive, Restore or Delete Vendors

A Vendor can be Archived when you wish to retain their information in the system, but do not want the name to appear in your Vendor List or in drop-down choice lists. An Archived Vendor can still be Restored if you wish to reactivate the record, or they may be permanently Deleted.

TIP: Learn more in the Archive, Restore or Delete Vendors article.

Vendor Reports

Many Reports include Vendor as a Filter option, for example the Service Summary Report:

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