Dashboard Overview

          The first page you see when you log in to Fleetio. The Dashboard displays key performance indicators and metrics for your fleet.

          IMPORTANT: The Dashboard is based on user permissions. The data displayed will only be data which a user has access to view. 

          List of Available Widgets 

          • Vehicles: Number of Assigned & Unassigned.
          • Service Reminders: Number of Overdue & Due Soon.
          • Open Issues: Number of Open & Overdue.
          • Vehicle Renewal RemindersNumber of Overdue & Due Soon.
          • Contact Renewal Reminders: Number of Overdue & Due Soon.
          • Active Work Orders: Number in each Work Order status.
          • Fuel Costs: Bar graph with the last 6 months of fuel data.
          • Service Costs: Bar graph with the last 6 months of service data (Service Entries and completed Work Orders).
          • Recent Comments: Scrollable list of the most recent comments added throughout your system.
          • Latest Meter Readings: Plot chart displaying the latest meter entry for all active vehicles in your system.
            • The symbols on the chart indicate which type of primary meter is active for that vehicle.
              • Green square: Hours meter on vehicle
              • Blue circle: Miles meter on vehicle
              • Orange diamond: Kilometers meter on vehicle
          • Vehicle status: Shows number of vehicles in different statuses.
          • Inspections Summary: Shows vehicles with/without any inspection in Last 30 Days Each pie wedge is clickable and will show you the exact vehicles that make up that wedge
          • Inspections Submissions: Shows rolling 7-day volume (blue) against the 7 previous days (gray)

          Customize your Dashboard

          You may rearrange the widgets on your dashboard to prioritize the most relevant metrics to you.

          Move the widgets around by clicking on the header of a widget. Hold the click button and drag the widget with your mouse to the desired position on your Dashboard. Unclic to drop the widget in it's new position. 

          NOTE: Each user can customize their own dashboard. Rearranging widgets will NOT impact other users. 

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