Quick Start Guide for Drivers

Fleetio Drive automatically tracks and analyzes your trips. Using the built-in sensors and GPS capabilities of your smartphone, Fleetio Drive tracks valuable information like distance driven and driving behavior giving you insight into your driving habits.

You’ll need two main things to track your trips: a Fleetio account and the Fleetio Go mobile app.

TIP: If you already have a Fleetio account, skip to downloading the Fleetio Go mobile app below.

How to set-up your Fleetio account

Before you get started, your Fleet Manager or the person managing your company’s Fleetio account will need to set you setup in Fleetio. Once they do, you will receive an invitation to join via email that looks like this:

From: Fleetio: notifications@fleetio.com

Subj: You’ve been added to a Fleetio account

invite email.png

  1. Click the “Join [Your Company Name]” link in the email.
  2. Create a password for your account and click “Set my password”. createpasswordscreen.png

Download Fleetio Go

Download Fleetio Go from the app store that corresponds with your operating system type. Click the corresponding link from your smartphone:

Sign in using your email as the username and password you setup for your Fleetio account. 

Next, enable drive detection from the Welcome screen:


TIP: You can turn drive detection on and off at any time. Learn more in Turning Drive Detection ON and OFF.

Enable location services - This is required to be able to use Fleetio Drive. Fleetio will never track you for reasons other than providing the best possible experience in the app.

IMPORTANT: In iOS make sure your Location Services are set to "Always Allow".  In Android OS, make sure your Location Mode is sent to "High Accuracy"

In Android OS: Set your Location Mode to High Accuracy following these steps:

  1. Open your device's Settings app 
  2. Tap Security & Location 
    Location. (If you don't see "Security & Location," tap Location.)
  3. Tap Mode. Then pick:
    • High accuracy
      This mode uses GPS, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and other sensors to get the highest-accuracy location. It uses Google's Location service to help estimate your device's location faster and more accurately.

Enable notiications - Fleetio uses push notifications to let you know when we start and stop tracking each trip. You can enable this or disable this anytime in “Settings”.notificationpermissionsgo_marked.png You’re all set! The next time you take a trip of at least 5 minutes, your trip will automatically be tracked.

Next: Review Your Trip Score

Every trip you take with Fleetio Drive is scored on a scale of 1-100. Your trip score is based on your driving habits over the distance and duration of your drive. Only information collecting during an active trip is considered in your trip score.

Scoring Key

What goes into a trip score

Each trip starts at a score of 78 which is considered average. Drivers can increase or decrease their score based on how well they drive and for how long. A trip scored in in the high 80s or low 90s is considered excellent.

Driving events such as speeding, phone usage, hard braking and aggressive acceleration are measured throughout your trip. The occurrence and severity of those events is then compared to the total distance and drive time (duration) of that trip to calculate the trip score.

NOTE: In general, a trip with a duration of one hour without any driving events would score close to 100. With shorter trips, it will be harder to achieve a high score. This is because there usually isn’t enough time or driving data to accurately give a high trip score.

TIP: Learn more about driving events in the Driving Events Definitions article.

Where You’ll See Your Score

A Trip Score is recorded with other trip information in Fleetio.

As a Driver, you’ll see trip scores both in your Fleetio Go mobile app and in the Fleetio web dashboard.

To view trip scores in the  Fleetio Go mobile app, tap “My Trips” from your Dashboard. A list of all the trips you’ve taken will appear with a score.


You can click on each trip to see where you went and how you drove.

To view trips on the Fleetio web dashboard,  login to your Fleetio account.

Driver Score

Your Driver Score is simply the average of your trip scores over a certain timeframe:

Average Score = (Score 1 + Score 2 + Score 3) / Total number of trips in a timeframe

As a Driver, you'll see you average score over the last 7-days in Fleetio Go on your Driver Scorecard:


Any administrators on your account will see your Driver Score on the Driver Leaderboard. The Driver Leaderboard ranks all the drivers in your fleet or group based on a selected timeframe. You can move up or down the Leaderboard based on your performance over the select time period compared to the previous, equal time period.

Managing Drive Detection 

Fleetio only tracks your trips when the Drive Detection setting is turned ON. 

To enable or disable Drive Detection, open your Fleetio Go mobile app.

If you're not looking at your Driver Dashboard, which looks like this:

Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner, then tap Dashboard.

At the top of the screen, you'll see your Drive Detection status. Tap the button to enable or disable Drive Detection depending on your preference.

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