Add Users and Contacts

How to Add Users & Contacts

1) Navigate to Contacts & Users > Contact List

2) Select the green button in the upper right corner to Add Contact

3) Complete required Basic Information then select User Management on the left (see screen shot)

4) On the User Management page you can change the flag from OFF to ON, then populate the user fields, assign or auto-generate a password, select the user's Role and assign permissions. Please include an email address so that once you save the record you will be given the option to send the user an invitation via email. 

From that Invitation Email, the user will be able to login to Fleetio.

Users & Permissions

By now, you've probably added a few coworkers to Fleetio, and you've started collaborating to manage your fleet. Remember - Users are people that "use" Fleetio and need to be able to log in and/or receive email notifications.

You can read more about which User Type to select for the new user.  Most users in our system are Regular Users.

Next, you should define each user's access level and permissions, based on the work they'll be doing in Fleetio.

First, you'll want to assign them to one of Fleetio's roles:

  • Fleet Manager: Access to create, view, and edit records across Fleetio modules (certain Delete actions restricted)
  • Notifications Only: For users that do not need to view or take action on any Fleetio records but still need to be included on notifications.
  • Operator: Best for vehicle operators with a narrow focus - logging fuel, inspections, Issues, etc.
  • Technician: For users conducting repair/maintenance and managing parts.
  • Viewer: View-only access to every module in Fleetio. Best for users focused on reporting.
  • Custom Roles:  You can read more about Custom Roles and Permissions here.

Once you've assigned a role, you'll also want to set their role based permissions as well. 


You may also want to use Fleetio's Contacts List to store information for the various individuals your company employs and/or does business with. You can then flag individuals as drivers, and set up Contact Reminders to trigger notification emails for important events, and store photos and documents to each record. If you have a large list of contacts to add to Fleetio, you'll probably want to import those contacts in bulk. 

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