Add Contacts and Enable User Access

IMPORTANT: Contacts and Users serve separate functions in Fleetio. Contacts are records to store information for any individual whom you either employ or do business with. Users are special Contacts who have been provided access to log in and "use" the Fleetio Account.
User access is required for anyone you wish to receive email notifications, perform Inspections, view Vehicle information, etc.
TIP: The article below provides a Quick Start Guide to adding an individual Contact and enabling User access. If you wish to provide access for multiple Users at once, refer instead to the  Adding Multiple Users guide.
For more in-depth information, explore the Contacts Overview and User Management Overview articles.

Add a Contact

Click the Quick Add Menu at the top of the screen and choose Add Contact

In the Basic Information section (a), enter the required First Name (b) and any additional information:

Enable User Access

Click User & Driver Management (a).  Toggle Enable User to ON (b). Login credentials consist of either an Email or Username (c) along with a Password which you may create or auto-generate (d).

Complete any additional information as explained in the  User Management Overview article, such as defining the User Type, Role, and Record Sets.  When complete, click Save.

Invite Users

You may either provide the new User with the login credentials you have established, or initiate an Invitation from within Fleetio.

After toggling Enable User to ON, navigate to Contacts & Users > User Management > Pending (a). Click the Invite button (b) for a single User, or multi-select via checkbox (c) and click the Send Account Invitation button (d).  

If necessary, you may Edit any Pending User, or find additional options in the More Actions menu (e).

The Pending User will receive an Invitation Email which includes a link to log in to Fleetio.

NOTE: In some cases, a strict SPAM filter may prevent this Invitation from arriving in the User's inbox. Be sure to whitelist

Resend Invitations

If an Invitation Email is caught in a SPAM folder, or otherwise fails to arrive in the User's inbox, you may easily Resend.

Navigate to  Contacts & Users > User Management > Pending where you will find a More Actions menu at the end of each User row. Click the option to Resend account invitation in this menu.

Alternatively, you may click this link and type the Email Address to Resend:

Add Multiple Users

Save time and effort with the Add Multiple Users feature to quickly create many new Users in your account at once. This process automatically creates Contact records associated with these Users.

TIP: Learn more in the Adding Multiple Users article.

Email Notifications

You'll want to keep your Users informed of upcoming Services and Vehicle Renewals.

TIP: Learn more in the User Notification Settings article.

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