Fuel Card Integrations

Fleetio integrates directly with certain fleet fuel cards, automatically syncing fuel transaction data from the pump directly into Fleetio. Once you map your fuel cards to your vehicles in Fleetio, the process is completely automated.

The fuel card integration is available to accounts on Fleetio's Pro and Advanced Plans.

FleetCor, WEX, and Comdata cards are currently supported

We've partnered with FleetCor (providers of fuel card brands such as Fuelman and Universal Fleet Mastercard), Comdata, and WEX (formerly Wright Express), to enable automatic syncing of fuel transaction data. 

If you already have one of these FleetCor-based cards, or WEX or Comdata cards and are interested in this integration please start the integration process at Fuel > Manage Fuel Cards on your blue Fleetio navigation bar.

Don't see your card provider? 

If you'd like to suggest a new fuel card integration, let us know by clicking Add Fuel Card Account > Suggest an integration.

How it works

Once your fuel cards are mapped to vehicles, fuel transactions are automatically imported each day as Fuel Entries in Fleetio.

Statistics like fuel economy (i.e. MPG) and cost per mile are automatically calculated when possible. You'll get powerful analytics about your fleet's fuel consumption without any manual entry!

Odometer readings, too.

Odometer values entered at the pump are also synced with Fleetio.

It's important that drivers enter the proper mileage when fueling up, as the value is used to calculate fuel statistics and trigger maintenance reminders. Incorrect mileages can be adjusted once a fuel transaction has been imported, but it's easier all around if they are entered correctly, to begin with.

Tips for success with the fuel card integration:

  • Only use one fuel card for one vehicle (so MPG and other metrics can be calculated properly)
  • Don't use the same fuel card for multiple vehicles (e.g. don't assign fuel cards to drivers, assign them to vehicles instead)
  • Odometer value must be entered at the pump
  • Drivers enter correct mileage at each fuel up

Ready to integrate your fuel cards? Our integration articles will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

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