Fleetio Quick Start Guide

Welcome! If you're ready to learn more about Fleetio, you've come to the right place!

Fleetio is the easiest way for you to manage your fleet of vehicles and equipment, and this Quick Start Guide will get you up and running in no time at all.

Take a few minutes to watch the Fleetio Overview Video:

Three Steps to Get Started

Fleetio offers a wide range of custom settings to meet the unique needs of your operations, so you'll want to establish these first thing.

Next, since vehicles and equipment are at the heart of Fleetio, and you'll want to enter this data - either individually, or via import.

Fleetio was built for collaboration, so you'll also want to invite other members of your team to join you.

Sign up for a Fleetio Account and then follow the steps below!

1. Configure Fleetio Settings

Customize your Fleetio Account to suit your fleet management needs. Click your company drop-down menu, then Account Settings to get started.

From the settings area, you'll be able to:

  • update your company information
  • set currency, date and time formats
  • define vehicle settings
  • establish tax settings
  • configure maintenance settings
TIP: Learn more in the Settings Overview article.

2. Add a Vehicle

A Vehicle represents any asset or unit of equipment (moving or otherwise) which you want to manage in Fleetio.

Add your first Vehicle to Fleetio! Click the Add Vehicle button from the Quick Add Menu at the top of your screen (the green circle plus sign).

The Vehicle Name and Vehicle Type are the only required fields, but you may enter as much additional information as you'd like. You can also save data entry time and effort by importing a spreadsheet of your vehicle information.

TIP: Learn more in the Vehicle Overview and  Vehicle Import Guide articles.

3. Add a Contact and Enable User Access

Contacts are any individuals your company employs or does business with. Users are Contacts who have been given access to your Fleetio Account. These are "user-enabled" Contacts.

Fleetio works best when your whole team is collaborating! That's why we give you unlimited Users with your Fleetio Plan.

Follow the Add Contacts and Enable User Access steps, or save data entry time and effort by Adding Multiple Users.

After enabling user-access for your new Contact, the Pending User will receive an Invitation Email which includes a link to log in to Fleetio.

We'll dive deeper into ContactsUser Types, Roles and Permissions in the User Management Overview and other topic-specific articles.

More Resources

Congratulations! You've completed the first steps to get up and running in Fleetio! There are lots of other resources to help you and your team learn more. 

From here, you may want to:

Ask Questions!

Need more information about a Fleetio feature? Have a question about how a specific process works? Reach out to our Support Team at any time via help@fleetio.com!

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