Service Reminder Overview

TIP: Please view our training video about Service Reminders for more information.

A Service Reminder helps you remember to perform a Service Task on a recurring interval.

Service Reminders work in conjunction with Service Entries and Work Orders to help you automatically stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks.

EXAMPLE: Oil & Filter Change

Changing the oil is crucial for most engines. A Service Reminder helps you remember to get the oil changed every 5,000 miles (or whatever interval you would like).

Each time you change the oil and log it as a  Service Entry or complete it through a Work Order, the Service Reminder will automatically be rescheduled based on the date/mileage of the entry!

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

You can create multiple Service Reminders for each Vehicle to create a preventative maintenance (PM) schedule.

Unique per vehicle

Let's say you have two trucks. One truck needs the oil changed every 4,000 miles but the other needs an oil change every 7,500 miles.

This is easy with Service Reminders in Fleetio. With custom settings per vehicle, you can set up a Service Reminder per vehicle with the custom mileage interval for each.

Creating a Service Reminder

  1. Click "Add Service Reminder"

  2. In the Service Task & Repeating Schedule page, choose the Service Task you wish to have as a reminder.
  3. Choose an existing Service Task (individual or group) or enter a new Service Task "on-the-fly" by typing the name and hitting the "Return" key on your keyboard.

    PERMISSION: You must be the account owner, administrator or user with the "Manage Account Settings" permission to create a new Service Task.

  4. Next, choose the how many miles you want this Service Task to be completed with the Meter Interval.
    TIP: Leave this option blank if you want to setup a time-based reminder only.
  5. If you have a Secondary Meter, you can click this button to enter the Interval for that.
  6. NOTICE: You cannot have a Service Reminder for the primary and secondary/auxiliary meter at the same time. You will need to set up two separate Service Reminders if this is needed.
  7. Choose your Time Interval to select the amount of time you want to have the Service Task due.

To set an exact meter or time interval set the " Manually set next reminder?" field to the ON position.

Manually set the next reminder (aka "Manual Override")

Sometimes you need to help Fleetio out a little and explicitly enter when a Service Reminder is "next due". This is particularly handy when you're just starting out with Fleetio and don't have any historical Service Entries yet.

Manual Override Example

Let's say the current mileage for a vehicle is 50,000. If you setup a Service Reminder for an oil change for every 5,000 miles and you have not entered the most recent oil change into Fleetio as a Service Entry, Fleetio will think the next one is due at 55,000 miles, then 60,000 miles, 65,000 miles, etc...

However, you know the next oil is actually due at 52,000 miles, so you can manually set the next reminder. Fleetio will now remind you about the oil change at 52,000 miles, then 57,000 miles, 62,000 miles, etc...

"Due Soon" Settings

These settings allow you to specify when Fleetio should mark a Service Reminder as "due soon". This status is displayed throughout your Fleetio system and determines when notification emails are sent and is also an available reporting filter as well.

Meter Threshold

The number of miles/kilometers/hours ahead of the next due value. Defaults to 500. For example, if the next oil change for a Vehicle is due at 51,350 miles then Fleetio will list the Service Reminder as "due soon" once the Vehicle reaches 50,850 miles.

Time Threshold

The number of days/weeks/months/years ahead of the next due date. Defaults to 2 weeks.

TIP: You can clear out the meter or time threshold and Fleetio will never list the Service Reminder as "due soon". It will simply go from "OK" to "overdue", bypassing "due soon" status.

Email Notifications

Fleetio will send email notifications to subscribers when a Service Reminder is "due soon" and/or "overdue". 

How often are emails sent?

When a Service Reminder is "due soon" or "overdue", an email will be sent to subscribers every 7 days until the reminder is no longer "due soon" or "overdue". Email notifications are sent at 7:00 a.m. CST.

Email Notifications "Active" Flag

If "ON" email notifications will be sent to reminder subscribers. If "OFF", the Service Reminder will still be listed in Fleetio as "due soon" or "overdue" but no reminder emails will be sent.


One or more Users who should receive email notifications. All Users for an account are listed, including those with the "Notifications Only" role. 

By default, the user entering the Service Reminder will be added as a subscriber (but can be removed if needed). Any individual assigned to the vehicle and those  "watching" the vehicle are also added as subscribers once the Service Reminder is saved. 

How to Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe from reminder email notifications follow the instructions in  Reminder Email Notifications or Adding or Removing Users from Multiple Reminders.

Editing or Deleting Service Reminders

Service Reminders can be managed from a vehicle's profile page or from the Service Reminders list.

Vehicle Profile:

Select Reminders and select the Edit or Delete link from the Actions menu next to the applicable Service Reminder:

Service Reminders list:

Select Service Reminders from the left sidebar to access the complete Service Reminders list. Next, select either Edit or Delete from the Actions menu for the applicable reminder.

Resolving an "Overdue" or "Due Soon" reminder

A Service Reminder will display an "Overdue" or "Due Soon" status as the Due Date approaches and/or passes.

Service Reminders will be reset as  Service Tasks are entered that satisfy the reminder. Service Tasks can be entered through a Service Entry or Work Order.

NOTE: A Work Order must be marked as "Completed" in order to resolve a Service Reminder.

Reporting on Service Reminders

Select the Reports link from the top right of your Fleetio system to access the Reporting component. From here, a Service Reminders report is available.

Use the Filters option to maximize your reporting capabilities:

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