Service Entry Overview

Service Entries are a simple way to record service & maintenance tasks, inspections and repairs performed on a vehicle in Fleetio. Service Entries are fast and easy to input, yet are a powerful way to track maintenance expenses.

They work in conjunction with  Service Reminders to help you automatically stay on top of preventative maintenance tasks.

Work Orders are a more robust way to log service and maintenance, but not as fast and simple as Service Entries. 

Service Entries have 3 parts:

  • Service Details
  • Issues
  • Line Items

Service Details

You must first enter the Vehicle then the Odometer for the Service Entry you are creating. You also need to choose the date the service was completed.  If you would like, you can check the "Set Start Date" checkbox to also set a Start Date if the service took more than one day.


You can view all of the  Issues associated with the vehicle when creating a Service Entry and Select any issues that were resolved as part of the service.

You can also Link Issues to Line Items in your Service Entry:

Line Items

On the Line Items area, you can add other Service Tasks to your Service Entry.  The first 10 Service Tasks in the drop down menu will be the "Most Used"

Creating a new Service Task "on-the-fly"

Users with the "Service Task Management - Create" permission can quickly add new Service Tasks to your Fleetio system while entering an individual Service Entry.

Once this Service Task is entered here, it will be available to be selected on future Service Entries.

You can also use the Service Reminders button to see and add Service Reminders that might be completed with this current Service.

Each Line Item has its own Labor and Parts entries.


Upload items such as receipts, invoices, or warranty paperwork associated with the service. Now you have quick access to relevant documents for a service/maintenance/inspection from anywhere in the future. You can easily add more documents after a Service Entry has been created.


Add comments to a Service Entry for important details or to assist with internal collaboration. You can easily add comments to existing Service Entries.

Reporting on Service Entries

Service Task Summary Report

Using the Service Task Summary Report you can report on items such as Service Duration, Detailed Service History and Parts and Labor Costs.  This report gives you a detailed breakdown of different service tasks for a selected period of time.

Service History by Vehicle Report

The Service History by Vehicle Report will give you itemized costs for each Service Task.  You can group by individual tasks or see all Service Tasks in a list view.

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