Vehicle Renewal Reminders

Vehicle Renewal Reminders are designed to help you keep your Vehicles current on various non-service activities such as:

  • Insurance
  • DOT Inspection
  • Road Tax
  • Emission Test
  • MOT Test
  • Registration

There are multiple ways to add new Vehicle Renewal Reminders - individually, or in bulk.

Add Individual Vehicle Renewal Reminders

Navigate to the Vehicle Profile and click the + Quick Add button:

Or, navigate to the Reminders section of the Vehicle Profile (1) and click Add Vehicle Renewal Reminder (2) or the More Actions menu (3):

Bulk Add or Import Vehicle Renewal Reminders

Navigate to Reminders > Vehicle Renewal Reminders via the left sidebar menu, then click the Actions button and Add Multiple or Import:

Or, click the main Quick Add menu at the top of the Fleetio screen, then Add Multiple Vehicle Renewal Reminders:

TIP: Learn more in the Add Multiple Vehicle Renewal Reminders and Vehicle Renewal Reminders Import Guide articles

Renewal Reminder Entry

Enter details for the new Reminder. Select a Renewal Type to indicate the type of activity requiring renewal (1), set the Due Date (2), a Due Soon Threshold which determines the period of time in advance at which the activity should show Due Soon (3), and toggle Email Notifications ON or OFF (4).

TIP: Fleetio is preconfigured with default Vehicle Renewal Types: Emission Test, Inspection, Insurance and Registration. To Add, Edit or Delete go to Account Settings > Reminders > Vehicle Renewal Types.
Learn more in the Vehicle Renewal Types article

If you have any Custom Fields designated with the Vehicle Renewal Reminder type, these will be available to enter:

Subscribe any Contacts to receive Email Notifications. By default, the User creating the reminder will be included. Any user "watching" the vehicle will also be added as a subscriber once the reminder is saved. Add others as you wish.

NOTE: Fleetio will email Subscribers every 7 days until the Reminder is resolved or updated. Emails are sent at 7:00 am CST.
TIP: Learn more in the Reminder Email Notifications and Watching a Vehicle articles

Resolving a Vehicle Renewal Reminder

The resolution process depends on the Renewal Type in question.

  • If the Renewal is a one-time event, you may wish to simply delete it
  • If the Renewal is regularly reoccurring, Edit to update the Next Due Date

Navigate to Reminders > Vehicle Renewal Reminder via the left sidebar menu, or click the Reminders section of the Vehicle Profile

Click the More Actions menu at the end of the row, then Edit:

TIP: Depending on the type of renewal, you may wish to record a Service Entry. This will allow you to maintain a history, and track additional information pertaining to the renewal. For example, you may wish to record a cost for a tag renewal.
Learn more in the Service Entry Overview article

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