Renewal Reminders

Renewal Reminders in Fleetio are designed to keep you up to date on inspections, tag renewals, licenses and other non-service activities.

Example uses for Renewal Reminders

  • Insurance
  • DOT Inspection
  • Road Tax
  • Emission Test
  • MOT Test
  • Registration

Creating a Renewal Reminder

Starting from a Vehicle's Profile, click the "+" to access the "Quick Add Menu" and select New Vehicle Renewal Reminder.

Next, complete the form for the Renewal Reminder:

  • Renewal Type: Select the activity coming up for renewal
  • Due Date: Date when the Renewal Reminder will become "Overdue"
  • Due Soon Threshold: Date when the Renewal Reminder will display as "Due Soon"; also determines when email notifications will be sent for the reminder.
  • Email Notifications: Set to ON if emails should be sent when the reminder status is "Due Soon" or "Overdue"
  • Custom Fields: Create unique fields that will be displayed as optional fields for all Renewal Reminders (great for collecting specific information and is useful for filtering reports)
  • Subscribers: By default, the user creating the reminder will be included. Any user "watching" the vehicle will also be added as a subscriber once the reminder is saved. To add additional subscribers, simply start typing their names and select from the list. 

TIP: Fleetio will email the subscribers every 7 days until the Renewal Reminder is cleared or updated to a date in the future. Emails are sent at 7:00 a.m. CST.

Renewal Types

Your Fleetio system is preconfigured to have the following  Vehicle Renewal Types: Emission Test, Inspection, Insurance and Registration

To add, edit or delete the types available select Vehicle Renewal Types from your Account Settings area.

Resolving a Renewal Reminder

The process for resolving a Renewal Reminder will depend on the Renewal Type you are working with. 

If the renewal is not of a reoccurring nature, you may wish to simply delete it. In the event the renewal is reoccurring, edit the Renewal Reminder and change the Next Due Date for the future renewal. 

To get started, just select the Reminders link from the vehicle's overview page, or select the appropriate record from the Reminders screen. 

TIP: Depending on the type of renewal, it may be advisable to also enter a Service Entry. This will allow you to log and track any additional information pertaining to the renewal. Example: Enter a $ amount for a tag renewal.

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