Archive or Delete Vehicles

Fleetio offers the ability to archive Vehicles as opposed to deleting units that are no longer affiliated with your fleet. This feature allows you to retain all history on the unit but not have the unit count toward your plan allotment.

  • No Subscription Fee
    • Archived vehicles are not counted against your Fleetio plan vehicle allotment, or per-vehicle subscription fees.
  • Read Only
    • Archived vehicles are read-only; the cannot be edited.
    • In order to edit an archived vehicle, you must first restore it.
    • Associated records such as Service Entries and Fuel Entries can only be viewed.
  • Reminders Disabled
    • Service Reminders and Renewal Reminders are disabled for archived vehicles. They will not appear on the Dashboard or on any Reports (unless the Archived filter is enabled).
    • Reminder notifications are not emailed for archived vehicles.
    • In order to view reminders associated with an archived vehicle, you must first restore it.
NOTE: You may also change a  Vehicle Status to Inactive or Out of Service if you wish to keep Reminders active and retain Edit access.
PERMISSION: Account Owners, Administrators, and Regular Users with Archive/Delete Vehicle permission by Role can Archive, Restore or Delete a Vehicle.

Archive Vehicles

You can Archive an individual Vehicle, or save time and effort by archiving multiple Vehicles at once.

Vehicle Profile

Archive an individual Vehicle from the Vehicle Overview screen:

Vehicle List

Archive an individual Vehicle from the Vehicle List screen:

Or multi-select Vehicles with the checkbox to the left of the row (a), then click the Archive icon (b):

View Archived Vehicles

After a vehicle has been archived, it will no longer appear in the Vehicle List, or in vehicle drop-down choice lists throughout the system. The vehicle can still be accessed from the Archived Vehicles tab within the Vehicle List.

Restore Archived Vehicles

Restore an archived vehicle at any time to reactivate Service Reminders and Renewal Reminders, and to re-enable editing.

NOTE: Restoring a Vehicle will add it back to your Fleetio Plan vehicle allocation, and will increment your monthly bill on a prorated basis.

View archived vehicles as shown above, then click the More Actions menu and Restore:

Or, access the archived vehicle record and click the Restore Vehicle button:

Delete Archived Vehicles

If you wish to permanently remove a Vehicle from your account, you may Delete an Archived Vehicle.

IMPORTANT: While an Archived Vehicle can easily be Restored as shown above, Delete is a permanent action and cannot be reversed!

Navigate to the Archived Vehicle List (a), then either multi-select units via checkbox (b) and click the Delete icon (c), or click the More Actions menu for a specific unit (d).

PERMISSIONS: Only the Account Owner can Bulk Delete Vehicles.

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