Inspections - Location Exceptions

Fleetio Go tracks the GPS location of every inspection item on an inspection submission. These GPS points are displayed on the submission in the Fleetio web interface in the Location panel:

NOTE: The Location panel will be empty if the mobile device did not have the GPS location enabled at the time of submission.

Knowing the location for inspection responses allows you to monitor inspection integrity. Are drivers "pencil-whipping" their reports from their driver's seat? Are they filling out their inspection while driving or separated from the vehicle altogether?

Ensuring that vehicles checks are conducted properly and honestly is imperative to spotting defects and resolving issues immediately.  Learn more.  

Flagging Location Exceptions

Fleetio will automatically call out inspection submissions where the GPS points suggest the form may have been filled out improperly.

These exceptions will be marked with an icon on the submission index:

2 Ways to Trigger Location Exceptions

Fleetio generates a Location Exception whenever a submissions GPS points are either too close or too far away from each other, indicating that the inspection may have been improperly performed. These thresholds can be configured individually at the bottom of your Account Settings under “Inspection Settings:”

  1. Proximity Threshold
  2. Choose a percentage between 50-100% in the Proximity Threshold dropdown (the default for every account is 80%). A Location Exception will trigger if at least that percentage of inspection items on an inspection form are submitted from the exact same GPS position during a submission.

  3. Distance Threshold

Enter a value in meters in the Distance Threshold field (the default for every account is 100m). A Location Exception will trigger if the submission location of at least 1 inspection item is further than this distance from the other items. Fleetio calculates the average GPS position for a submission based on the latitude and longitude values for each item on that submission and compares each items straight-line distance to that calculated center-point. 

Turning Off Location Exceptions

You can opt-out of Location Exceptions for an individual form by editing the settings for that form. Use the Edit Pencil to open the “Edit Inspection Form” prompt and deselect “ Enable Location Exception Tracking.”

NOTE: The map of submission locations will still appear for each inspection, but no callouts for Location Exceptions will appear.

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