Inspections - Manage Vehicles & Schedules

Inspection forms must be assigned to vehicle(s), vehicle types, or groups of vehicles to appear in the  Fleetio Go mobile app where Users can perform inspections. To get started, open your inspection form to the Vehicles & Schedules tab and click the Manage Vehicles button.

PERMISSIONS: Owners, Administrators and Users with the appropriate permissions can create and edit Inspection forms.

Adding Vehicles

  1. Choose between:
    1. All Vehicles
    2. Some Vehicles
      • Choose between and define the Type or Group to select vehicles that match that criteria

      • [Optional] Add a second level of criteria using the green “+” and select between OR or AND logic

c. Specific Vehicles

  1. [Optional] ENABLE form for Selected Vehicle(s). DISABLED vehicles will not see the inspection form on Fleetio Go.
  2. [Optional] Turn ON a schedule for the selected vehicles
  3. NOTE: If you do not want to place the selected vehicle(s) on a time-bound schedule, leave this switch OFF and click Save. The vehicles will still see the inspection form in Fleetio Go.

  4. Choose a frequency: Daily, Yearly, Monthly, Weekly
  5. [Optional] Create Rule for vehicles. Rules enable/schedule a form for vehicles matching certain criteria now OR in the future. 

  6. Click Save
  7. Wait for the changes to process in the background, then click to reload:

All added vehicles will appear in the table on the Vehicles & Schedules tab for review:

Modifying a Vehicle Schedule

Bulk Manage Vehicles

You can modify the schedule for more than one vehicle at a time by using the bulk select checkbox and clicking the Manage Vehicles button:

Individual vehicles can be given modified or manual schedules in two places:

  1. From the Vehicles table on the Vehicles & Schedules inspections tab:
    • From the More Actions menu for a specific vehicle, select Edit
    • The schedule can be modified, turned OFF, or Disabled altogether
      • Disabling the schedule will prevent this inspection from appearing on this vehicle's profile

  2. From a Vehicle's Profile:
    • All inspection forms are visible in a table on the Inspections menu for a specific vehicle
    • Click Edit from the Actions dropdown to modify the schedule or disable the form for a particular inspection

Modified vehicles are called out in the table on the Vehicles & Schedules tab with a Manual tag:

The search box and filter can be used to isolate particular vehicles or just the manual ones. You can also choose to show or hide vehicles for which the form has been disabled:

Resetting a Vehicle Schedule

From the  Vehicles & Schedules inspections tab, use the Reset button to return the vehicle(s) to its default state (bound by a Rule if there is one, Disabled if not). You can also reset individual vehicle schedules by pressing the More Actions button and selecting Reset:

Managing Schedule Rules

Every time the Create Rule form is used and All Vehicles or Some Vehicles is selected, the system will save your vehicle selection as a Rule.

Rules are automatically applied to future vehicles that match their criteria.

They are listed in the top table on the Vehicles & Schedules inspections tab:

If you do not want the previously applied schedule to be given to future vehicles matching the selected criteria, Delete the rule or Edit it from the Actions dropdown:

Rule Hierarchy

If a vehicle matches the criteria for more than one rule, Fleetio will process the schedule that is highest on the page.

Drag and drop rules so that they are organized top-to-bottom in order of priority:

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