Inspections - Create Workflows

Inspection workflows in Fleetio can be triggered by any Pass/Fail item (or specific Pass/Fail items) or when the inspection is submitted. 

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PERMISSIONS: Users with the Admin role can create Workflows on inspection forms.


“If” this happens...

  1. Whenever one or more items fail
    This trigger will prompt you to choose from the Pass/Fail items on your inspection form. Whenever one or more of these items fail, your workflow will be triggered.
  2. Whenever any inspection item passes/fails
    This is a one-time trigger, even if multiple items on the inspection fail.
  3. Whenever one or more items pass
  4. Whenever form is submitted

Tip: Create unique workflows for individual items on your inspection form to have those workflows triggered when those inspection items fail.


“Then” do this…

  1. Send an email
    When the trigger occurs, an email will be sent to one or more Users on your account.
  2. Change vehicle status
    The current status of the vehicle being inspected will be changed when the trigger occurs. For example, an “Active” vehicle can be changed to “Out of Service”. Your account’s existing  Vehicle Statuses are used for this action.
  3. Create an issue
    This action will create an Issue for the vehicle being inspected that is specific to the failed inspection item. That Issue can then be resolved at a later time by creating a Service Entry or Work Order in Fleetio.

Tip: More than one Action can be added for each Trigger. Click the Add Action button to have multiple Actions occur for your Trigger. To remove an action, click the delete icon.

Enabling and Disabling Workflows

You can keep workflows stored in Fleetio without them being active. To activate or deactivate a workflow, click the Enable button to set it to the “on” or “off” position. Click the Save button to save your workflow’s changes.

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