Inspections - Create Forms

PERMISSIONS: Account Owners, Administrators and Regular Users with the "Inspections - Manage Forms" permission assigned via Role can create Inspection Forms.

Navigate to Inspections > Forms via the left sidebar menu (a), then click the + Add Inspection Form button (b).

Enter a Title (required) and a Description (optional).

Create a New Blank Inspection Form

If you wish to start the Inspection Form from scratch, leave the Items Template at No Template (a).

Choose a  color (b) for an easy visual indicator when selecting new Inspections for your Vehicles.

Click the  checkbox (c) to Enable Location Exception tracking, then Save (d).

Add Inspection Items

After clicking Save, the new blank Form displays. Click the + Add Inspection Item button to begin building your checklist of Items.

Choose from available Item options, including Pass/Fail, Meter Entry, Signature or Free Text. You can also designate a Section to organize and group Items.

Each Item includes a Label under which it should appear in the Item checklist, and you may designate each as Required or not, with the option to enter a Short Description and/or Instructions.

Pass/Fail Item

Adjust the Pass/Fail Label responses if you wish, and indicate whether a photo or comment should be required for any Failed Items.

Meter Entry Item

If your equipment includes a Secondary Meter, you may designate this additional value as Required.

Signature Item

Free Text Item


Apply a Header label, under which you may organize or group similar Items

Watch Inspection Items added to a Form in this short video!

Add, Edit, Reorder or Delete Inspection Items

Expand an existing Item to Edit (a) or click the Trash icon to Delete (b). The Copy icon makes a duplicate of an Item (c), or use the green plus + to Add (d). When complete, click Save (e).

After adding Inspection Items, you may wish to rearrange the order in which they appear.

Move Items by dragging and dropping them into position as shown here:

Create an Inspection Form from a Template or Existing Form

To save time and effort, Fleetio offers several pre-built Templates with common Inspection checklist Items. Use a Template as an easy way to get started, or build upon one of your own previously-created Forms. These are found in the Items Template drop-down menu under the headings System Forms and Your Forms. All of the Inspection Items will be added to your new Form.

NOTE: Workflows and Schedules are not included with Templates, so add these to your new Form as needed. If you wish to include Workflows, scroll down to the section Copy an Existing Inspection Form.

After creating a new Form from a Template or existing Form, you will have the opportunity to make changes as shown above in the Add, Edit, Reorder or Delete Items section.

Copy an Existing Inspection Form

You can also create a Copy of an existing Form, which offers the added benefit of including Workflows and Schedules in the new Form.

Click the More Actions menu and select Make a Copy.

Enter the New Form Name and choose whether or not to include Workflows and Schedules. Click the Create New Form button, then modify as shown above .

Inspection Form Versions

When you make changes to an existing inspection form, the previous version of that form is saved for your reference. As you review the previously submitted inspections on your account, you can compare the submissions with the inspection form version used to submit the form.

To view the versions of a Form, navigate to Inspections > Submissions and click the row for any entry submitted on that Form. In the Submission detail screen, click the Inspection Form:

Click the Versions link in the upper right corner:

Select a Version from the list to view detail:

While viewing a previous version of the Form, a Past Version indicator will display next to the Form name at the top of the screen:

Next Steps

Now that you have created and edited Inspection Forms, you are ready to set up Workflows, Assign Vehicles, and Schedule the Inspections to be performed!

TIP: Learn more in the  Workflows and  Vehicle Assignments & Schedules articles.

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