Building Inspection Forms

PERMISSIONS: Administrators, Owners and Users with the "Manage Forms" permission can build Inspection Forms. Read more about setting Permissions here.

To begin creating an inspection form, navigate to the Inspections page  and click the Add Inspection Form.

After you’ve clicked the Add Inspection Form button, enter a Title (required) and a Description. You can then choose to create an inspection form from scratch, start with a pre-built Template, or copy one of your previously-created inspection forms.

Choose a color if you would like to keep tracking of Inspection by color coding them.

If you would like to Enable Location Exception tracking check this checkbox.

Starting with a Form Template

If you choose to start with a pre-built template (SYSTEM FORMS) or use one of your existing forms as a template (YOUR FORMS), all the Inspection Items from that template will be added to your new form. Workflows and Schedules are not included in the templates, so you can add those to your new form as needed.

Copying an Existing Inspection Form

You can also create a copy from one of your existing forms, with the option to include existing Workflows in the new inspection form. Click the Actions button for the form you’d like to duplicate and select Make a Copy.

You can then modify the name of your new form and choose whether or not to include the Workflows and Schedules from the existing inspection form. Click the Create New Form button to start building your new form.

Starting an Inspection Form from Scratch

If you want to start with a completely blank inspection form and add all the Inspection Items yourself, choose “ No Template” from the “Items Template” drop-down. Click the Save button to start building your new form.

Inspection Form Versions

When you make changes to an existing inspection form, the previous version of that form is saved for your reference. As you review the previously submitted inspections on your account, you can compare the submissions with the inspection form version used to submit the form.

To view the versions of a form, click the form name on a Submission page.

Click the Versions link in the upper right corner of the inspection form page.

Select a version from the pop up window.

If you’re viewing a previous version of the inspection form, a “Past Version” indicator will show next to the form name near the top of the screen.

Inspection Item Types 

To add new Inspection Items to your form, click the Add Inspection Items button and choose an Inspection Item type. 

Pass/Fail Item 

This will give the user performing the inspection two options to choose from. You can name these two options anything you want (default options are “Pass” and “Fail”). This item can be set as “Required” or optional. You can require a photo or comment from the user if this item “Fails”. Workflows can be triggered when Pass/Fail Items “Fail”.

Meter Entry

This item type is available to collect the vehicle’s current odometer value at the time of the inspection. It can be set as “Required” or optional. You can also choose to “Require Secondary Meter”.


This item type allows the user performing the inspection to sign their name with their finger or stylus on their mobile device. You can set this field as “Required” or optional.

Free Text

This item type presents users with a text field where they can type long-form text entries in the inspection. You can set this field as “Required” or optional.


This item type is simply a visual divider to help organize your inspection items into logical sections.

Drag & Drop Inspection Items

Each item you add to an inspection form can be moved by clicking & holding your mouse button to drag & drop the items to reorder them.

Duplicating line items

If you want to create an inspection item similar to one already on your form, click the Duplicate button on that inspection item and a copy will be created automatically for you. Simply rename the duplicate inspection item then modify any other details as needed.


Inspection workflows in Fleetio can be triggered when any Pass/Fail item (or specific Pass/Fail items) fails when the inspection is submitted. Workflows can send notification emails, change a vehicle’s status, or create an Issue for that vehicle.

Read detailed instructions on  Workflows.

Vehicle Assignments & Scheduling

Inspection forms can be assigned to individual vehicles, vehicle groups, and vehicle types in Fleetio. They can also be scheduled to occur on specific dates or at regular time intervals.

Learn more in our  Assigning Vehicles and Scheduling for Inspections guide!

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