Performing Inspections with Fleetio Go

Once an  Inspection Form has been created using the Fleetio web application, users on your account can perform inspections using the Fleetio Go mobile app on their iOS or Android device.

TIP:Please view our  [Go] Inspections with Fleetio Go training video for more information on performing Inspections on Fleetio Go.

All Owners and Administrators can submit inspections, but Regular Users must be given the Submit Inspections permission in their Role and their Record Sets must allow Update access for the vehicle being inspected. See the permissions reference for more information.

Note: Inspections cannot be performed on the web application. Users must perform all inspections using an iOS or Android device and the Fleetio Go app.

TIP: If your Users aren't seeing inspection forms for their vehicle(s) in the Fleetio Go mobile app, you'll want to verify the following:

  1. Be sure the vehicle in question has been assigned to the inspection form. Watch this short video for instructions on assigning & scheduling vehicles to inspection forms:
  2. Download the latest version of the Fleetio Go app to ensure you have the latest features for the Inspections module
    Or, have Fleetio text you a link for the update for your device by entering your phone number at:
  3. Log out of the Fleetio Go app and log back in.

Accessing & Completing Inspections on your Mobile Device

After logging into the Fleetio Go app, navigate to a vehicle and click the Inspections menu item.

You’ll then see a list of all inspections available for that vehicle. Tap one of the available inspections to begin the inspection process.

Once you’ve chosen an inspection to perform, tap the icons on the screen for pass/fail items. You can add a photo or comment before tapping the pass/fail options by clicking the + icon in the center on the bottom of your screen. You can take an inspection photo or add an inspection photo from your photo library

Once you’ve added a photo and/or comment, you’ll see the photo and comment buttons. Click these to view the photo and/or comment for this inspection item.

Skip non-required steps by tapping the Next button, and move backward through the inspection process by tapping the Previous button.

You can also leave the inspection at any time by clicking the back arrow button in the upper right corner of the app.

When you return to the in-progress inspection, you will see a progress bar indicating which step of the inspection you were on, and pass/fail icons will show you which items have been completed. Tap any inspection item to restart the inspection at that step.

Confirming an Issue During An Inspection

Resolution of an Issue can only occur via a Service Entry or Work Order, but confirmation of that resolution can be done during the next inspection that contains that inspection item. This is a regulatory compliance feature, as it allows your users to provide a final step in the audit trail for an issue - that it was not only fixed but also confirmed fixed by a second party.

Press the Confirm Issue Resolution button. The purpose of this function is to prevent vehicle operation without having first acknowledged that the previous Issue was in fact resolved.

Inspection History

Previously submitted inspections are available for each vehicle and can be accessed by any User with permissions to view that vehicle. On the inspections list page, click the History button to view the inspections history list for that vehicle.

Inspections list page:

Inspections history page:

Click any previous inspection to view all the details, including photos and signatures, for that inspection.

Logging Out of Fleetio Go

The Fleetio Go app is designed to keep you logged in unless you turn off your mobile device or manually log out of the app itself. To log out of your account on Fleetio Go:

  1. Tap the menu icon in the upper left of any Fleetio Go screen
  2. Tap the Settings link
  3. Tap the Logout button

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