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TIP: Learn more in the Inspections Overview article and Inspections with Fleetio Go video.

Once an Inspection Form has been created via the Fleetio web application, Users can complete and submit Inspections using the Fleetio Go Mobile App.

Inspections cannot be performed via the Fleetio web application; Users must submit all inspections using the Fleetio Go app on their Android or iOS mobile device.

PERMISSIONS: Account Owners and Administrators can submit Inspections. Regular Users must be given the Submit Inspections permission via Role, and their Record Sets must include Update access for the Vehicle in question.

Access Inspections in Fleetio Go

Log into the Fleetio Go Mobile App, navigate to the Vehicle list and select the Vehicle in question.

The Vehicle Overview displays. If the Inspection is Overdue, it will appear in the Alerts section and may be launched directly from this link:

Otherwise, scroll down to the Menu section and select Inspections.

The Inspections screen lists all Inspection Forms which are enabled for this Vehicle, whether they are  Scheduled or on-demand.

TIP: Learn more in the Inspections - Manage Vehicles & Schedules article

Tap any Inspection to begin the process.

Complete Inspection Items

TIP: Various Inspection Item options (e.g. setting Items as Required, including Instructions) are configured via the Form in the Fleetio web app. Learn more in the Inspections - Create Forms article.

After selecting an Inspection to perform, initiate the process by clicking either the Odometer Reading (a) or Start button (b).

Record the Meter Reading at the time of the Inspection. The Current Reading in Fleetio will display in gray text (a) so that you can confirm that your new meter reading is equal to or greater than the current reading. Fleetio will validate your entry, and will alert you upon submission of the completed Form if the meter value is either too low or exceeds the expected Average Daily Usage.

On this screen and all subsequent Inspection Items, you will have the opportunity to enter Comments (b) or upload Photos (c).

When you are ready to proceed, tap Next in the lower right corner (d).

Note that the Submit button in the upper right (e) will remain disabled until all Required checklist Items are marked Pass/Fail.

Each checklist Item displays in sequence as you tap Next.

The Required label (a) is displayed above the Item Name (b) for any checklist Items which MUST be completed. If there are additional Instructions available, these will display as a link (c).

Mark each Item as Pass/Fail (d) and add optional Comments (e) or Photos (f). Once added, these icons will display a number to indicate that a Comment or Photo is available for viewing. Note that some Inspection Items may require a Comment or Photo in the event of a Fail.

Move back to a Previous Item (g) or tap Next to move forward (h), optionally skipping non-Required Items.

Pause or Resume In-Progress Inspections

You may pause the Inspection as you move through the checklist Items by clicking the Back arrow in the upper left corner of the screen.

When you return to the in-progress Inspection, you will see a Progress Bar (a). Icon indicators let you know which Items have been completed, and which remain.

Tap any Inspection Item (b) or the Continue (c) button at the bottom of the screen to restart the Inspection.

Sign an Inspection

An Inspection Form may require a Signature for submission.

Record your signature via touch (a), and optionally Save as My Signature for easy access in the future. Tap the upper right Save button (c) to record this instance.

Inspection Items and Issues

Inspections are a great way to discover, report and monitor Issues.

For example, you may configure an Inspection Workflow to automatically create a new Issue for a specific Inspection Item which receives a Fail.

Resolution of an Issue can only occur via a Service Entry or Work Order, but Inspections provide a mechanism for monitoring Open Issues and confirming Resolved Issues. This ensures that the Issue is addressed and offers a regulatory compliance feature, as it provides an audit trail for the Issue.

Open Issues

When you launch a new Inspection, any OPEN Issues will be flagged on the Inspection Item in the checklist:

And the Inspection Item detail will include a link to View Open Issue:

You may choose to Pass or Fail the Item, and this action will be recorded in the Issue Activity, viewable in the Fleetio web application from the Issue detail screen:

IMPORTANT: "Passing" an Inspection Item with an Open Issue does not Resolve the Issue. You must complete a Service Entry of Work Order, or manually Close the Issue

Resolved Issues

When you launch a new Inspection, any RESOLVED Issues will be highlighted as ready for Review:

And the Inspection Item detail will include a link to Review Issue Resolution:

The Review includes all Activity, with links at the bottom of the screen to Reject or Confirm Resolved.

Reviewing the Issue is an optional step which allows for an audit trail, and ensures that previously reported and resolved issues are acknowledged.

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