Inspections Overview

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With Fleetio’s Inspections module you can create custom electronic Inspection Forms. Drivers, equipment operators, and technicians can easily complete and submit these Inspections in minutes using their smartphone or tablet with the Fleetio Go Mobile App

This article provides a broad overview, with links to additional resources for further detail and guidance.

PERMISSIONS: Account Owners, Administrators and Regular Users with permissions via Role can create Inspection Forms. Regular Users can also submit Inspections via the Fleetio Go mobile app if they have access to the Vehicle through Record Sets.

Inspection Forms

Inspection Forms are created in the Fleetio web application (, accessible via the left sidebar menu.

Inspection Forms can be created several ways:

  • from scratch
  • using a template
  • copying an existing form on your account

The format is flexible, allowing you to create text fields, pass/fail checks, photo and signature capture, and more!

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After creating an Inspection Form, you may create Workflows. A Workflow is one or more actions triggered by an Inspection item pass, an item fail, or a form submission. Actions might include email notification, Vehicle status change, or Issue creation.

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Manage Vehicles & Schedules

Inspection Forms can be applied to individual Vehicles, or they may be applied by Vehicle Group or Type. They can also be scheduled to occur at regular intervals, with frequency to occur daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Submit Inspections

Once you have built your Inspection Forms, Users will need to download the Fleetio Go Mobile App in order to complete and submit Inspections. Each Vehicle your Users have permission to view will have an Inspections menu item where they can view all previously-submitted Inspections and create new ones.

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Inspection Reports

There are 3 Inspection Reports that allow you to keep track of inspection submissions and item failures.

Inspection Submissions List

This report is divided into two sections, with an upper graphical portion and a lower data table.

The three graphs in the upper portion show Counts of Inspection Submissions by Date (Day/Week), by User, and by Vehicle.

The data table below offers additional Filter options (a) and Custom Column Selection (b) to include the Inspection Date, Form name, Duration, list of Failed Items, Vehicle, User and more. 

Print or Export via the buttons at the top of the screen.

Inspection Submissions Summary

In the Summary, view an overview of total Inspections submitted by User and by Vehicle over a given date range (selected via the Filter below the charts). Adjust the Date Range or apply various other Filters to control the results displayed. 

You can also see Users who have never performed an Inspection, where submission count is zero.

Inspection Failures List

The most import items in the submission results will be those which have failed inspection. See every failed item from your inspection submissions and filter by Date, Form name, Group (User or Vehicle), and more.

Charts provide a simple and easy visual to identify Vehicles and Inspection items which fail most frequently. 

Use the Stage column in the data table to track failure resolution.

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