Inspections Overview

TIP: Please view our training video on Inspections here: Inspections with Fleetio Manage for more information.

PERMISSIONS: Administrators, Owners and Users with the appropriate permissions can create Inspection forms. Regular Users can also perform vehicle inspections on the Fleetio Go mobile app, provided they have permissions to update the vehicle or vehicle group for a specific Inspection form.  Read more about setting Permissions here

With Fleetio’s Inspections module you can create custom electronic inspection forms and let drivers easily complete vehicle inspection reports in minutes using their smartphone or tablet with the Fleetio Go mobile app.

There are several components within the Inspections module. A brief description of each of these items is listed below, along with links to their detailed documentation.

Inspection Forms

Forms for Inspections are created in the Fleetio web application ( Inspection forms can be created from scratch, by using a template, or by copying an existing form on your account. You can create text fields, pass/fail checks, photo & signature capture, and more!

Read detailed instructions on Creating Inspection Forms.


You can create workflows for one or more items on your Inspection forms. Once the workflow action is triggered Fleetio can automatically send an email notification, change the vehicle’s status, or create an Issue for that vehicle.

Read detailed instructions on  Inspection Workflows.

Vehicle Assignments & Scheduling

Inspection forms can be assigned to individual vehicles, vehicle groups, and vehicle types in Fleetio. They can also be scheduled to occur on specific dates or at regular time/meter-based intervals.

Performing Vehicle Inspections with the Fleetio Go Mobile App

Please view our [Go] Inspections with Fleetio Go video for more information on performing Inspections on Fleetio Go.

Once you’ve built your Inspection forms, your users will need to download the Fleetio Go mobile app to perform vehicle inspections. Each vehicle your users have permissions to view will have an “Inspections” menu item where they can perform new inspections and view all the previously-completed inspections for that vehicle.

Read detailed instructions on Performing Inspections with Fleetio Go.

Reporting on Inspection Submissions

There are 3 inspection reports that allow you to monitor inspection volume, failure rates, user completion, and more:

Inspection Submissions List

See every inspection performed on a vehicle, its duration as well as high-level inspection details such as date/time, who performed the inspection, and a summary of failed items. You can filter this report by User or Vehicle Groups, status, form used, inspection duration and more. You’ll even get helpful stats showing submission volume by day and user.  Then export a .csv file of your results for a full record of your inspection history.

Inspection Submissions Summary

See how many inspections have been performed and submitted by driver and vehicle over a selected time. You can filter this report by user or vehicle groups, status, duration and more, helping you keep a close eye on vehicle and user inspection completion frequency. You can also sort this data to see users who have never performed an inspection.

Inspection Failures List

See every failed item from your inspection submissions and filter by time frame, form, user or vehicle groups, and more. The charts are designed to help you identify which vehicles and which inspection items are failing most frequently. Use the Stage column on the table to track failure resolution.

Inspections Webinar

8/30/16:  Introduction to Inspections in Fleetio (47:49) 


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