[Fleetio Go] Manage Vehicles

TIP: Learn more in the [Go] Updating Vehicle Information on the Go training video

The Fleetio Go mobile app allows you to View and Edit Vehicle information, and to perform many of the same actions available in the web app (via web browser): 

  • View various Logs and Histories
  • Add Fuel Entries
  • Add Service Reminders and Service Entries
  • Update Meters
  • Create Issues
  • Record Comments
  • Assign Operators

When you first launch Fleetio Go, the screen displayed will vary depending on your Fleetio Plan. Manage Plan users will immediately view the Vehicle List. Users with both Manage and Drive Plans will view the Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, tap the icon to expand the Side Navigation Menu:

Tap Vehicles:

From the Vehicle List you can Search (a), tap the + plus sign to Add a New Vehicle (b), or tap the symbol to Scan a Barcode (c). 

Tap any Vehicle row to View details and reveal additional actions.

From the Vehicle detail screen, < Back (d) returns to the full Vehicle List, and the More Options menu (e) choices include Edit Details (f), Assign/Unassign (g), and Update Meters (h).

Vehicle information displayed includes Meters (i), Status (j), Group (k) and Assigned Operator (l). Tap See all to expand Details (m) for various additional fields including Year, Make, Model, Custom Fields and much more.

The Alerts section highlights Overdue Alerts such as Inspection Forms, Service Reminders, and Renewal Reminders, to ensure these come to your attention.

Scroll down to reveal a Menu providing access to the Fuel Log, Service History, Work Orders and much more.

Also note the green circle + plus in the lower right corner which pops up Quick Add options to include Fuel Entry, Service Entry, Meter Entry, Issue, Service Reminder and Comment.

The various actions are explained further in corresponding articles!

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