Fleetio Go Mobile App

PERMISSIONS: Viewers, Managers, and Admins can all access the data their User account is authorized to view, add, and edit. See the Users Roles & Permissions article for more details on User these settings.

The Fleetio Go mobile app allows you to instantly access fleet information and update data from anywhere. Read about the features and get links to download the app, on the  Fleetio Go info & download page.

Vehicle List

When you first open the Fleetio Go app, you'll be taken to the vehicle list page. Tap any vehicle to access the vehicle's details and add/update data. You can also start typing a vehicle's license plate number or VIN in the search field to locate a vehicle.

TIP:You can learn more about updating Vehicle Information with the Fleetio Go app with our training video:  [Go] Updating Vehicle Information on the Go

Scanning Vehicle Barcodes

Tap the Scan button on the vehicle list page to scan a vehicle's barcode using your mobile device's on-board camera. 

You can scan both barcodes on labels created in Fleetio and VIN barcodes added by your vehicle’s manufacturer, provided the VIN for that vehicle has already been added in Fleetio (manufacturer VIN bar code labels are typically located near the driver’s side of the vehicle, often in the door jamb). 

When scanning at night you can use the flashlight icon in the bottom left corner to better align the scanner.

Once you scan a barcode you'll be taken directly to that vehicle's profile page. See the  Printing Vehicle Labels article for more information about printing these labels.

Update Odometer & Edit Vehicle Details

You can manually update a vehicle's odometer and edit the vehicle details by tapping the [ ... ] button, then choosing the appropriate item from the sub-menu.

Fuel Entries

NOTE: Fleetio Go can automatically enter the location when you’re entering your Fuel Entry data. The first time you open the Fuel Entry form, you’ll be prompted to allow the app to use your location. If you don’t grant the app this ability but later want to utilize it, go to your device’s Settings menu and enable “Location Services” for the app on your device. 

From a vehicle's profile page, tap the Fuel Entries button. You'll be taken to the Fuel Entries list page. Tap any Fuel Entry for details about that transaction, or tap the Plus Sign (+) to create a new Fuel Entry.

Enter your fuel transaction information, add a photo if desired, and click the Save Fuel Entry button.

For more information on Fuel Entries, see the  Fuel Entry Overview article in the Help Center.


From a vehicle's profile page, tap the  Issues button. You'll be taken to the Issues list page where you can view Issues in the Open, Resolved, or Closed status. Tap any Issue for details, or tap the Plus Sign (+) to log a new Issue.

When viewing an Issue, you can see the status, view photos/documents, and resolve the issue with a Service Entry.

For more information about logging Issues, see the  Issues Overview article in the Help Center.

Service Entries

From a vehicle's profile page, tap the  Service Entries button. You'll be taken to the Service Entries list page. Tap any Service Entry for details, or click the Plus Sign (+) to log a new Issue.

Choose the appropriate  Service Task(s), enter the Service Entry details, and tap the Save Service Entry button.

For more information about Service Entries, see the  Service Entry Overview article in the Help Center.

Check your Version of the Fleetio Go mobile app

To verify what version of the app you are using, click the Menu icon in the upper left corner on the Vehicles list page. That will open a fly-out menu. You will find the version of the app you have installed in the lower left corner.

To download the latest version of Fleetio Go, go to:  https://www.fleetio.com/go.

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