Fleetio Parts Mobile App

PERMISSIONS: Administrators, Owners and Users with the "Manage Parts" permission can view all parts. Users can also be assigned permission to manage inventory by location, which is set in the "Inventory Permissions" section of the User Details page. Read more about setting Permissions here.

The Fleetio Parts mobile app, available for  iOS and Android devices, can be used to manage your parts & inventory in Fleetio while on the go. Used in combination with printed part labels, the Fleetio Parts app can scan your part QR codes to get directly to their details in Fleetio.

Scanning UPC and QR Codes

The Fleetio Parts app utilizes the camera on your mobile device to scan both UPC (barcodes) from part packaging and location-specific  QR codes on part labels printed using Fleetio. Simply tap the scan button to begin scanning:

NOTE: If you're using an Android device, you can navigate through the application using the system's back button which should look similar to these:

UPC / Barcodes

You can scan the UPC from exiting product packaging and either assign the barcode to an existing part or create a new part using the UPC. 

Once a UPC is assigned to a part, scanning that barcode will automatically display the part detail screen.

NOTE: Only one (1) UPC code can be assigned to a part at one time.

IMPORTANT: A Part Number is required in order to save your new Part.

QR Codes

QR codes can contain more data than UPC barcodes and when you scan a  QR code on a printed label you will be taken directly to the location screen for that part that is encoded within the label. This will allow you to quickly edit the inventory levels for that part, at the location where you are located, immediately after scanning the part's QR code. 

Labels printed in Fleetio will contain the part number/name, the location, and the aisle/row/bin for a particular part.

Adjusting Inventory Levels

Inventory is adjusted by location in Fleetio, so you'll need to navigate to the Part Location screen where you'd like to adjust inventory to begin. Once you're on the appropriate Part Location screen for your part, tap the Current Quantity button and then make your inventory adjustments on the following screen. Make sure to scroll down the screen and select a "Reason" for the inventory adjustment -- this is required before saving the inventory update.

NOTE: For more information about activating parts at part locations, see the Inventory Overview article.

Filtering the Parts List

Using the Filter button, you can sort and filter your parts list by:

  • Part Number
  • Category
  • Recent
  • Low Stock
  • Out of Stock

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