Vehicle Naming Conventions

To make the most of your Fleetio experience, it's a good idea to create continuity in how you name your vehicles and equipment. This will help in navigating your fleet data and give a clearer overall picture.

If you don't already have internal numbers and references to go by, it is worth a few minutes to think about how to best organize all of the information before inputting data. To give you some ideas, here are some suggestions that we have received from our customers.

Variables to consider when naming vehicles

  • Location, Group and/or department of vehicle
  • VIN (probably just a portion of the VIN; it's a pretty long string of characters)
  • License plate
  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • Type of vehicle (e.g. "C" for Car, "TU" for Truck, "TA" for Trailer, etc.)
  • Class of car or truck

Example: Location-Year-Make-Model-Last 4 of VIN

TIP: Use common shorthand references (e.g. Alabama="A" or "AL") to keep things more concise. Make it as simple as possible to look at the name and derive important details.

Get descriptive

We give you a lot of space for naming a vehicle, so feel free to take advantage of it. A 3 Digit number may be all that you need, but Fleetio can accommodate enough information to make that asset easily identifiable.

Be consistent

Whatever you decide to do in organizing your Fleetio account, it is always best to be consistent. We encourage you to make feet management a collaborate effort, and having a consistent naming convention will allow everyone to learn the ins and outs faster.

Names can change

You can quickly and easily change the name of any vehicle in Fleetio. Keep that in mind if you want to use details that can change - such as location or current driver - in the name. If details change, simply edit the name to reflect the changes!

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