Adding Multiple Vehicles

To add multiple vehicles to Fleetio at once, you'll need the name you'd like to use for the vehicle in Fleetio, and optionally the vehicle's Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)* and  Group

NOTE: Adding additional vehicles to your account will increase your account's per-vehicle cost based on the number of vehicles you add.


To get started, navigate to your Vehicles list page, click the Actions button, and select Add Multiple Vehicles.

Type your vehicle name and VIN in the format: 

Vehicle Name, VIN, Group

or copy the relevant cells from your spreadsheet program and past them into the "Add Vehicles" field. 

Note: You don’t need to worry about adding commas if you copy and paste the columns from your spreadsheet.

Click the Add Multiple Vehicles button to add the vehicles to your account. 

The vehicles will now be added to your account with any VIN-decoded information available and you will receive an email confirming the vehicle additions. You can now edit your vehicle records to add additional information like purchase price, photos, etc. and assign the vehicle to a Contact.

*Currently, our VIN Decoder is capable of pulling the vehicle details for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles made in North America or manufactured for sale in North America. 

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