[Fleetio Go] Print & Scan Barcode Labels

Print Vehicle Barcode Labels so that you can easily scan and manage your Vehicles via the Fleetio Go Mobile App for Android and iOS.

PERMISSIONS: Account Owners and Administrators can print labels for ALL Vehicles, while Regular Users can print labels for any Vehicles they can View according to their Record Sets

Print Labels

First, access your Fleetio Account via the web app and navigate to the Vehicle List. Click the Print Labels button to display a selection form for additional print options.

In the Print Labels window, the Select items to print option (a) takes into account any Filters applied to the Vehicle List. If no filters are applied, this defaults to All vehicles, otherwise the Selected vehicles option reflects the filtered results. You may also manually select the desired Vehicles via the checkboxes in the Vehicle List prior to clicking Print Labels.

If you would like to print more than one label for each vehicle, increase the value in the Set quantity per vehicle field (maximum quantity 10) (b).

Choose the Label Size (c), verify that the Preview looks correct (d), and then click Generate Template (e).

A new window will display while your template is being processed. Once complete, a Download button will appear, allowing you to download a print-ready PDF file. Open the PDF, load your printer with the appropriate label sheets, and Print.

TIP: Make sure your printer settings are set to Scale 100% or Actual Size

Scan Barcodes in Fleetio Go

Navigate to the Vehicle List in Fleetio Go and tap the Scan button in the lower right corner of your device screen. Focus your device camera over one of your printed labels and you will instantly navigate to the Profile page for the corresponding Vehicle, where you can Edit, add Fuel Entries, report Issues and much more!

If you need to scan in an environment with low lighting, use the flashlight icon in the lower left corner of your device screen to activate your device's flash.

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