Bulk Manage Parts

The Bulk Manage Parts tool allows you to make changes to multiple parts at once. This tool is great for taking inventory on a laptop or tablet. Alternatively, you can print a hard copy of your parts list, take inventory by hand, and process the data entry in Fleetio at a later time.

PERMISSION: Owners, Admins, and Managers with "Update Inventory Quantities" and "Manage Parts" permissions at specific Part Locations can adjust inventory using the Bulk Manage Parts tool.

To access the tool from the navigation panel on the left, go to Parts & Inventory > Bulk Manage Parts:

NOTE: The Bulk Manage Parts tool will open the last Location viewed, so be sure to verify the Location tab before making adjustments.

You can bulk manage parts by Location. The tabs across the top of the Bulk Manage Parts tool indicate the current Location for which you are adjusting inventory.

Active and Inactive Parts

Parts can either be "Active" (currently stocked) or "Inactive" (not currently stocked) at each Location. Click the Active and Inactive buttons to view the respective parts at the currently-selected Location. You can also deactivate all currently active parts by clicking the Deactivate All button.

Activating Parts at a Location

To activate parts at a Location, click the Inactive button. You can then activate parts at that location selectively using the Yes/No toggle, or you can activate all inactive parts for the Location at once using the Activate All button.

NOTE: In order to adjust inventory for a part, it must be Active.

Updating Part Quantities in Bulk

You can track and adjust inventory for all "active" parts at a location. Enter the new quantity from your inventory count in the "New Qty" box.  Rows that have inventory adjustments will be highlighted. 

Scroll down and click the Save button to commit the inventory changes.

NOTE: The "New Qty" number you enter is saved as the new TOTAL quantity for that part at that Location. The value is NOT added to or subtracted from the current inventory amount.

A log of all inventory adjustments can be found on the Activity tab of the Part Profile.

Printing the Bulk Update Parts Worksheet

If you'd like to take inventory by hand and enter the data into Fleetio at a later time, you can print out the items on the current page by clicking the Print Worksheet button.

NOTE: The printed worksheet will be a representation of only those items on the current list you are viewing. This includes the currently viewed part Location, the Active/Inactive selection, and any Filters.

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