Purchase Orders Overview

Purchase Orders (POs) in Fleetio are designed to help standardize parts procurement through a purchasing workflow and vendor history tracking.

Note: All Owners and Administrators can fully manage the Purchase Orders on your account, but Regular Users must be given Purchase Order permissions in their Role - view the permissions reference for more information.

Accessing Purchase Orders 

You can access the Purchase Orders index page by clicking the Purchase Orders link under Parts & Inventory in the menu. 

Purchase Order Stages

The Purchase Orders index page is split into four stages.

  1. Open
    The “Open” stage is for Purchase Orders in their creation phase or those that have been rejected and need further editing.
  2. Approve
    The “Approve” stage is for Purchase Orders that are ready for approval/rejection or those that have been approved and need to be purchased.
  3. Receive
    The “Receive” stage is for Purchase Orders that have been purchased but need to be received.  The “Receive” state is also for Purchase Orders that have been received in full but still require some sort of action prior to completion.
  4. Closed
    The “Closed” stage is for Purchase Orders that have been 100% fulfilled and completed.

Creating a Purchase Order

Click the Add Purchase Order button to open a draft Purchase Order.

Purchase Orders can be saved as a draft with no identification information, but in order to be submitted, a PO must have:

  • Vendor
  • Part Location
  • At least one Line Item

Optional Items:

  • Labels
  • Additional Price information (Discount, Shipping, Tax)
  • Documents
  • Written description

Adding Line Items to POs

A Purchase Order can contain an unlimited number of line items. To add a line item:

  1. Click the Add button
  2. Select a part from the drop down list (or type in a part name to narrow your search)
  3. Enter the Unit Cost for the part
  4. Enter the Quantity of the part for the order

Note: Line items cannot contain parts that are not active at the Part Location selected on the Purchase Order.

Purchase Order Landing Page & Comments

Once created, a PO’s landing page contains all of its details and includes a section for user comments. 

Moving through the stages of a Purchase Order

Purchase Order statuses

There are 8 predefined Purchase Order statuses that can be renamed by going to your Settings menu and selecting Purchase Order Statuses.

  • Draft
  • Pending Approval
  • Rejected
  • Approved
  • Purchased
  • Received, Partial
  • Received, Full
  • Closed“Draft” status

When a PO is created, it can be saved into the “Draft” status or submitted for approval → “Pending Approval” status. You Can manage Purchase Order Statuses through the Purchase Order menu. 

Note: Owners, Administrators, and Regular Users with the “Approve Purchase Orders” permission can either save as “Draft” or move the PO directly to “Approved”

“Pending Approval” status

PO’s that are “Pending Approval” can be either “Approved” or Rejected” by Owners, Administrators, and Regular Users with the "Approve Purchase Orders" permission.

“Purchased” status

Once a Purchase Order has been “Approved”, it can be marked as “Purchased”. A Purchase Order marked as “Purchased” is ready to be “Received”.

Receiving a Purchase Order

Begin by selecting “Receive” on the PO.

You will then see a form for entering the received values of each line item. To quickly receive the entire order, click “Select All” in the top right of the form and press “Receive” to finish.

Note: The number field automatically populates with the number ordered, but you can change that number based on what was actually received.

Important: the values entered on this form will automatically become inventory adjustments for your parts.

If the number of items received is less than the number ordered, the Purchase Order becomes “Received, Partial”. If they match, the Purchase Order becomes “Received, Full”.

Once the Purchase Order is “Received, Full” it can be closed.

Reporting on Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders List report provides an aggregate overview of all the Purchase Orders logged on your account, and it includes the ability to view Total Costs by Vendor and Location. Filter the report to view only the Purchase Orders of interest to you, and you can print a PDF or export to .csv at any time. 

Read more about:  Reports in Fleetio.

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