GPS Insight Integration

Fleetio integrates with  GPS Insight tracking devices, which automatically update the meter values of your mapped vehicles each day. Follow the steps below to complete integration setup and map your GPS Insight mobiles to Fleetio vehicles.

GPS Insight is an API integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included
Faults / Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)

 NOTE: Before starting, ensure the vehicles’ VINs in the GPS portal match the VINs in Fleetio.

Getting Started

Have a GPS Insight "Standard" account? Click here for alternate instructions for GPS Insight Standard accounts.

  1. From the GPS Insight portal (, click the Account menu, click Manage Webhooks, and click Open
    The Webhook Manager opens in a new browser tab.
  2. Under Available Integrations, click the green plus sign ( + ) next to Fleetio.
    The Fleetio integration window appears.

Enter the required properties for the integration:

  1. Click Add.
    The third party integration(s) are assigned an ID and appears in the 3rd Party Integrations grid. There will be a separate ID for each integration type (i.e., Fleetio Odometer, Fleetio Faults/DTCs). Additional information is provided for Status, Queue Depth, and Total Messages. An option to delete the integration(s) is also available. 

Integrating a GPS Insight "Standard" Account

If you have a GPS Insight Standard account and would like it to integrate with Fleetio, please send the Fleetio API Key and Account ID to GPS Insight Tech Support at and request integration with Fleetio. They will assist you with the integrating your data from GPS Insight into Fleetio.

Additional Information

For more information, contact GPS Insight Customer Support at 1-480-663-9454 (Press #2) or via email at

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