NexTraq GPS Integration

Fleetio integrates with the NexTraq GPS tracking devices which automatically updates the meter values of your mapped vehicles each day. Follow the steps below to complete integration setup and map your NexTraq mobiles to Fleetio vehicles.

NexTraq is an API integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included

Getting Started

  1. Log in to Fleetio to display the Fleetio Dashboard.
  2. From the user drop-down list, select API Keys.

  3. Click the New API Key button and enter a label for the key. Then click Save.
  4. The new API Key is added to the token table with your label.

  5. Highlight and copy the new token.
  6. In NexTraq, go to the Admin > Account page. Click the Activate Fleetio Integration button to open the Fleetio Integration Wizard.

  7. Paste the new API Key in the box in Step 1 of the wizard.

  8. Complete the next steps of the wizard, choosing the Fleetio account to link to your NexTraq account and the type of notification email to receive at time of sync. Wizard Step 4 confirms your choices and displays the number of matches of NexTraq mobiles to Fleetio vehicles.

  9. Click Finish to display the successful submission message, then click Done.

NOTE:  Be sure to initialize the odometer value for each mobile in NexTraq under Maintenance > Odometer before the initial sync with Fleetio.

Integration is complete, and your information appears in the Third-party Vehicle Integration table. With the integration in place, NexTraq updates matched vehicles in Fleetio with current odometer readings automatically each day in an overnight process.

Additional Information

For more information, contact NexTraq Customer Support at 1-855-358-6178 (U.S. toll-free) or 1-678-762-6850 or via email at

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