Signing Up and Logging in to Fleetio with your Google Account

When you sign up for Fleetio, you can either choose to enter your information manually, or use your Google login credentials to securely create an account on Fleetio.

To use your Google credentials, click the Sign up with Google button when creating your Fleetio account.

You will be prompted to enter your Google username and password.

NOTE: This is the same username and password that you use to access Gmail, YouTube, etc.

After entering your Google username and password, you will be prompted to allow Fleetio to view your email address and basic profile info. We use this to associate your email address with your account and get your first and last name into Fleetio. Click the Allow button to continue.

Now that you’ve created your Fleetio account with your Google credentials, you can click the Log in with Google button to access Fleetio.

NOTE: After linking Fleetio with your Google credentials, you will need to click the Log in with Google button in order to access Fleetio using the website or one our mobile apps. Typing your Google email address and password will not allow you to log in to Fleetio.

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