Service Reminder Forecasting

Service Reminders can be forecasted based on the average daily usage of a vehicle. Predicting when a Service Reminder will be be due based on vehicle utilization is a far better preventative maintenance trigger than just picking a recurring date (e.g. every 3 months).

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Service Reminder Forecasting isn't turned on by default. To enable it, just click the try it now link from the Service Reminders list.

When a Service Reminder is tied to a meter interval, Fleetio will forecast when the meter will hit the due threshold based on the average daily usage of the vehicle.

Example Scenario
  • Oil Change every 5,000 miles
  • Last Oil Change was at 22,450 miles on November 15
  • Service Reminder next due at 27,450 miles, due soon at 26,950 miles (assuming 500 mile due soon threshold)
  • Vehicle averages 115 miles per day

It will take around 43 days (5,000/115) for the Service Reminder to become due which lands on December 28and 39 days (4,500/115) for it to be due soon which is December 24.

Automatically adjusts based on daily average usage

Fleetio automatically adjusts the forecasted due date of a Service Reminder each time the vehicle’s daily average usage changes.

That means as usage slows down, the forecasted date will be farther in the future; if average usage increases, the forecasted date will be closer in time.

Group by Week or Month

Service Reminders can be grouped by week or month. The number next to each date range is the total number of Service Reminders predicted to be due during that time.

Weeks or months with no forecasted due dates will still be shown, but with a message.

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