Fleet Complete Integration

Fleetio integrates with Fleet Complete GPS tracking devices. This article explains how to set up the integration.

Fleet Complete is an API integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included


Important: Unit names in Fleet Complete need to exactly match the Vehicle Names in Fleetio for this integration to work.

Create an API key for a user on your Fleetio account. Visit our API Keys article for instructions on this process.


Locate the Account Token for your Fleetio account.

Account tokens can quickly be identified directly from the URL from any page in Fleetio. For example, if you're on the Dashboard in Fleetio the URL may look something like  https://secure.fleetio.com/abc123/dashboard. In this example, abc123 is the account token. 


Send the API Token and Account Token from steps 1 and 2 above to your Fleet Complete representative.

NOTE: It may take a few business days for the integration to be set up and meter readings to begin appearing in Fleetio.

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