TomTom Integration

Fleetio integrates with TomTom WEBFLEET GPS tracking devices. This article explains how to set up the integration and map your WEBFLEET account/devices to Fleetio vehicles.

TomTom WebFleet is a native integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included
Live vehicle
Fuel exception



In WEBFLEET, enable the "Access to interface WEBFLEET.connect" option for a user profile. You'll use this user profile's username & password to allow Fleetio to connect to WEBFLEET data.

TIP: Create a separate user in TomTom WEBFLEET for the API user credentials rather than using a regular (human) user’s credentials. That way if you ever remove or change the password for a human user it won’t affect the integration.

Click the More button and choose Users.
Select the User account you want to integrate with Fleetio and click the Edit button.
Click the Advanced button, check the box for "Access to interface WEBFLEET.connect", and click the OK button. Then click the Save button to save your new User settings.

In Fleetio, navigate to the Manage GPS Devices screen from the lefthand sidebar.

Click the Add GPS Integration button and click TomTom in the dropdown menu. Then complete the form using the username/password the WEBFLEET user profile from step 1.


Map TomTom GPS devices to Fleetio vehicles.

NOTE: It may take a few seconds to load your GPS devices after step 3.

Read about refreshing vehicle/device data for 3rd-party GPS solution in this article.

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