TomTom Integration

Fleetio integrates with TomTom WEBFLEET GPS tracking devices. This article explains how to set up the integration and map your WEBFLEET devices to Fleetio Vehicles.

TomTom WEBFLEET is a native integration and includes the following features:

Integration Feature Included
Live Vehicle
Fuel Exception

Enable Interface Access - WEBFLEET

1. Log in to your WEBFLEET account and create a new User for the API connection.

TIP: Create a separate user in TomTom WEBFLEET for the API user instead of using a regular (human) user’s credentials. That way if you ever need to change or remove the regular user account, it won’t affect the integration.

2. Click the User icon in WEBFLEET (1), then New User (2). (If the API user has already been created, click the user row to select, then Edit.)

3. In the User Rights > Interfaces section, check the box to enable WEBFLEET.connect. Click Okay to authorize the API connection.

Set Up Integration - Fleetio

1. Navigate to Vehicles > Manage GPS Devices (1) and click the Add GPS Integration button (2), then TomTom (3).

2. Complete the entry form using the API user credentials you created in Step 1, then click Save

NOTE: It may take a few minutes to load your GPS devices. A message will display "Verifying credentials and importing devices" followed by confirmation "Your changes are ready!" Click to reload the page and view the devices.

Map Devices

A list of devices in your WEBFLEET account will load. Click the drop-down Select button in the Assigned Fleetio Vehicle column to match the device to the corresponding Fleetio Vehicle.

TIP: Learn more in the Refresh Integrated GPS Devices article.

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