Fuel Location Exceptions

Fuel Location Exception Alerts are currently available to accounts who are using fuel cards and who are setup on the Geotab integration.

What are Fuel Location Exceptions?

Fleetio defines a fuel location exception as a fuel up that occurs more than 400 meters from where the vehicle was physically located when the fuel-up occurred.

How are exceptions identified?


The address for a fuel merchant is provided by your fuel card provider on each fuel entry record sent to Fleetio.   


Fleetio compares this address to the location of the vehicle at the time of the fuel-up.


If geological differences are detected between the two locations, an email alert will be sent to system administrators notifying them of the discrepancy.

Fuel Merchant Address Errors

The address provided by the fuel card provider is not the most updated address for the fuel merchant. 

When this happens, just update the address on the vendor record to reflect the updated address for the merchant. Fleetio will use the updated address for the merchant when generating future fuel location exception alerts.

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