Decode Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN)

IMPORTANT: This feature is available on passenger, light, medium and heavy duty vehicles made in North America or manufactured for sale in North America. VIN decoding for Heavy Duty vehicles is supported for model year 1995 and newer.

The VIN decoding feature available in Fleetio allows your organization to automatically update important details about your vehicles. Vehicle specs, engine and transmission data, wheel and tire information, and even fluid details can be added for one or multiple vehicles in seconds!

Decoding VINs for new vehicles

Vehicles can be created and decoded individually, or multiple vehicles can be created simultaneously by entering multiple VINs during the vehicle setup process.

Single Vehicle

From the Add Vehicle form, input the VIN number and select Decode VIN.

A window will appear notifying users that the VIN is decoding and upon completion a Success message will appear. Click Continue to update the new vehicle form with the details from the decoded VIN.

All available information for the vehicle will be updated on the vehicle form and can be viewed from the following areas: Details, Custom Fields, Specifications, Engine & Transmission, Wheels & Tires and Fluids.

NOTE: Information added from the VIN decode can be manually edited or removed as needed.

Save Vehicle once all necessary data has been entered.

Multiple Vehicles

From the Add Vehicle form, select Add Multiple Vehicles.

Enter the VIN for each vehicle that should be created (one per line). Upon completion, select Decode VINs.

NOTE: It'll take just a couple minutes for all VINs to be decoded. An email will be sent once all vehicles have been added.

Decoding VINs for existing vehicles

To decode a VIN for an existing vehicle, select the Decode VIN link from the vehicle's profile, or the Decode VIN option from the Actions menu on the Vehicles List.

IMPORTANT: Clicking "Edit", then "VIN Decode" will override all data stored on the vehicle. By choosing to "Enrich" the vehicle, the user will have the ability to select which fields to override. 

From the Enrich Vehicle window, input the VIN and select Decode VIN. 

After a brief period, a new table will appear allowing the user to select which attributes should be replaced for the vehicle.

TIP: Select the Replace Current Data checkbox to update all available attributes for the vehicle.

Save Vehicle once all attributes have been selected.

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