Geotab Integration

Fleetio integrates with Geotab GPS devices. This article explains how to set up the integration and map your Geotab devices to Fleetio vehicles. Geotab is a native integration and includes the following features: 

Integration Feature Included
Live vehicle
Navigation to/from Fleetio
Fuel exception

See more in the  Geotab Integration Details and blog post.

Set Up


Navigate to the Manage GPS Devices screen from the sidebar menu under Vehicles.


Click the Add GPS Integration button > Select Geotab > Complete the form.

Username: Email address of the Geotab user
Password: Geotab user’s password (will be encrypted in the Fleetio database)|
Database: Text name of the Geotab database. DO NOT include the "/", only the name of the Database. Find it in the URL or next to the “Support” menu in the top right of the Geotab user interface.
Geotab URL: URL used to login to Geotab

TIP: Create a separate user in Geotab for the API user credentials rather than using a regular (human) user’s credentials. That way if you ever remove or change the password for a human user it won’t affect the integration.


Map your Geotab devices to Fleetio vehicles by navigating to the Manage GPS Devices screen as you did in Step 1 above. Click the "Manage Devices" button to get started mapping your vehicles.

NOTE: It may take a few seconds to load your GPS devices after adding your Geotab login credentials.

Find the Geotab device name you'd like to map, then select the appropriate Fleetio vehicle from the drop down list in the "Assignment" column. That's it, your Fleetio vehicle is now mapped to that Geotab device!

Change Vehicle Name/Description

The Name/Description column on Fleetio's Geotab Devices page contains data we receive about your device directly from Geotab. Follow these steps if you'd like to change the Name/Description of your device:

  1. Go to and log in to your Geotab account
  2. Click the Vehicles button
  3. Edit the text in the "Description" field, then click the Save button to save your changes
  4. Go to your Geotab Devices page in Fleetio and click the Refresh Devices button to view the updates you just made in your Geotab account

Read about refreshing vehicle/device data for 3rd-party GPS solution in this article.

Addin Button

View in Fleetio

This Geotab Addin puts a "View in Fleetio" button in the Geotab user interface.

  1. In Geotab, navigate to Adminstration -> System... -> System Settings
  2. Click Addins tab
  3. Click New Addin and copy/paste the configuration file below
	"name": "View in Fleetio Button",
	"isSigned": false,
	"supportEmail": "",
	"version": "1.0",
	"items": [
			"page": "device",
			"click": "",
			"buttonName": {
				"en": "View in Fleetio"
Popup blocker

The first time you click the "View in Fleetio" button, your browser may prevent the popup from appearing. Be sure to allow popups for the Geotab website, then the button will work.

NOTE: The "View in Fleetio" button will display on each mapped vehicle's profile page in Geotab.

Manage Alerts

In your Manage GPS Devices pages, click on Edit from the More Actions button.  At the bottom of the window you can choose which alerts you would like to have included in your integration.  Checking the "Include Non-Critical DTC Alerts" will bring over all of your DTC Alerts (excluding any proprietary OEM alerts).

You can choose to Create an Issue or Ignore your alerts in the DTC Alerts Index page by clicking the More Actions button:

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