Voiding a Meter Entry

Fleetio keeps track of each meter's history (odometer, hour meter) and validates that each value is "in sequence".

When saving a record that has an associated meter value (for example, a service entry or fuel entry), the meter value is validated first. If there's an error, you'll get a message telling you why the meter value is invalid.

Why void?

Sometimes you have an existing "bad" meter entry already saved in Fleetio. When you need to save a service or fuel entry, the value you are trying to enter gets rejected - but you still need to save the record!

Marking the meter entry as "void" will let you save the record. Then you can go and fix the other invalid meter entry then come back and unmark this one as void later.

Marking a meter entry as "void" essentially tells Fleetio to ignore it. A voided meter entry will never be set as a vehicle's current meter value and won't be used in any sort of distance or usage calculations.

Marking as void

When you attempt to save an invalid meter value, the screen will refresh and Fleetio will display a checkbox under the meter input:

Just check the box next to Mark as void and re-save the record (or enter a valid meter based on the date/meter sequence of existing entries). Fleetio will save the record as usual.

NOTE: To void all meter values on a vehicle, see our  Reset Meter Value article.

Viewing records with voided meter values

Throughout Fleetio any meter value marked as void will display in orange with an exclamation icon to the value:

Effect on Service Reminders

If you save a Service Entry with a voided meter value, any associated Service Reminders will not use the voided meter value to calculate the "next due" mileage. Whatever the "next due" mileage is currently set to for a Service Reminder, it will remain unchanged.

If you change the meter value on the Service Entry and "unvoid" it later, then the associated Service Reminders will recalculate the "next due" mileage and the updated, valid meter value will be used.

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