Import Rollbacks

PERMISSION: Owners, Administrators and Users with the "Manage Account Settings" permission are authorized to roll back import files. Read more about setting Permissions here.

Situations may occur where a new import file contains inaccurate data or is missing key information. For these scenarios, Fleetio supports the option to “rollback” an import file. This will remove all records from your Fleetio system that were included in the import.

In order for a file to be “rolled back”, the file must contain new records and have been imported within the last 24 hours. After this 24 hour period, the file can no longer be rolled back and the "rollback" link will be disabled.

IMPORTANT: Import files that contain updates to existing records in your Fleetio system CANNOT be rolled back. To correct this data, we recommend importing a new "update" file with the correct information.

“Rollback" an Import File:

1. From the settings area, select Imports andaccess the Actions menu for the file to be rolled back.

2. Select the “Rollback” link.
3. Select “OK” to confirm the rollback.
4. A blue message will be displayed notifying the user that the rollback is processing.
5. Once processing is complete, a green message will appear with a link allowing the user to reload the page to view the changes.
6. A “Rolled back” state will be displayed for the import confirming that all records included in the import have been removed.

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