Contact Renewal Reminders Import Guide

IMPORTANT: The best place to find information about Data Imports in Fleetio is the Data Import Overview article. This resource includes step-by-step instructions, training videos and guidance for how to prepare your import data file.

This guide provides an overview of the file requirements and supported values for importing Contact Renewal Reminders.

Contact Renewal Reminders Import Template

We recommend using the Contact Renewal Reminders Import Template.

Go to your Company drop-down menu and choose Import Data then click Import Templates > Contact Renewal Reminder Template > Headers Only

NOTE: If you are using a spreadsheet generated from another system, modifications to the file type and data may be needed to ensure proper format and data mapping.

Data Requirements

Columns not marked as Required may be left as blank cells in the import file and skipped during the mapping process.

Columns & Values

Column Required? Notes
first_name Yes First name for Contact
  • first_name and last_name must match an existing Contact record
last_name Yes Last name for Contact
  • first_name and last_name must match an existing Contact record
contact_renewal_type Yes
Contact Renewal Type. Must match an existing Contact Renewal Type setup under Settings > Contact Renewal Types. If an exact match is not present, a NEW Contact Renewal Type will be created


The due date for the renewal reminder. Must be in the Short Date Format specified in Account Settings.
  • Example: 10/15/2015
due_soon_interval No The time interval for when the Contact Renewal Reminder should be sent (numerical value only; unit will be specified below)
  • Example: 3
due_soon_interval_unit No Specify the frequency for the due_soon_interval above
  • Example: days, weeks, months, years
email_notifications No Do Email Notifications need to be turned on for this reminder?
  • If yes, enter TRUE
  • If no, enter FALSE

Contact Renewal Reminders Import Process

For detailed step-by-step instructions, refer to the Data Import Overview article.

NOTE: Subscribers are not automatically added to a Contact Renewal Reminder and must be added individually after the import is complete.

Contact Renewal Reminders Data Update

Fleetio supports the option for existing Contact Renewal Reminder records to be updated via the import process.

TIP: Learn more in the Updating Data via Import File article.

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