Reset Meter Value

Situations occur where all meters stored on a vehicle or piece of equipment need to be voided. The most common scenario is when a meter or hub is replaced and the current meter needs to be set back to a starting value.

PERMISSION: To void all meters entries a user must have the Administrator role, or have the Fleet Manager role with the the “Update Odometer Readings” permission enabled.

Voiding All Meter Values

While meters can be voided from an individual Fuel Entry or Service Entry ( Voiding a Meter Entry), Fleetio also offers the option to void all meters with just a couple clicks.

From a vehicle’s overview page, select the Odometer History link from the vehicle’s menu for a complete listing of all meter values that will be voided.

Click the Void All Entries button and select "Primary Meter Only" if the vehicle has only one meter, or you would only like to reset the primary meter for a vehicle with multiple meters.

For vehicles with one meter enabled, selecting the “Primary Meter Only” option from the Void All Entries menu will void all meters associated with the vehicle. If a secondary meter is enabled, additional options such as “Secondary Meter Only” and “Both Primary and Secondary” options are available.

IMPORTANT: Only the meter associated with Fuel Entries, Service Entries and Meter Updates will be voided. The Fuel Entry and Service Entry data will remain intact for reporting and for cost/fuel calculations. Also, the meter values will continue to be displayed but will be noted as voided.

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