Labels Overview

PERMISSIONS: Only Account Owners and Administrators have access to manage Labels. Learn more in the User Types article.

Fleetio introduced the concept of Labels to help users prioritize and categorize the work to be done on a vehicle. The most common use for Labels is to identify the area of the vehicle receiving the service and/or the priority of the service. 

Labels may be added to  IssuesService EntriesWork Orders, and Purchase Orders, and they will be available as a Filter option in Reports.

Label Management

In order for Labels to be an effective management and reporting tool, they must be properly maintained by your organization. Create an internal process for the naming and application of Labels, then train all Fleetio Users in your processes to ensure there is consistency throughout the system. Use Role Permissions to control which Users have the ability to create NEW Labels.

Access Labels

Navigate to Settings via the left sidebar menu, or click your Company drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Scroll to the  Feature Settings > Labels section (1) where you can click the + Add Label button to create new (2), or the More Actions menu at the end of each row to Edit or Delete an existing label (3).

IMPORTANT: Upon Delete, Fleetio will prompt to confirm this action. Deleting a Label will REMOVE this Label from all associated records, for all users.

Filter the list to display only those Labels applied to specific record types (Issue, Work Order, Service Entry, Purchase Order), or view All.

Labels by Record Type

The Labels field in Issues, Service Entries, Work Orders, and Purchase Orders offers a drop-down selection of existing Labels. Select one or multiple. Users with Permission may also create new Labels right from these fields by typing the value.

The List screens for each record type offer Filter options to view results by Label.


Service Entries

Work Orders

Purchase Orders

Reporting with Labels

The Reports section in Fleetio includes various reports to display data for the above record types. Click the Filter button to expand Filter options in the side panel, as shown for the List screens above.

TIP: Learn more in the  Reporting Overview article.

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