Updating Data via Import File

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Fleetio supports the ability for users to update existing Service Tasks, Vehicles, Contacts, Contact Renewal Reminders and Parts records through the Import Center.

PERMISSION: Imports can only be created by Administrators and Owners. More about user permissions.

Create file to be imported

Fleetio provides import templates to use when updating Service Tasks, Vehicle, Contacts, Contact Renewal Reminders and Parts records. Access the Import center from the Settings area to access these templates:

The "Headers & Data" option under the Service Task, Vehicle, Contacts, Contact Renewal Reminders and Parts Templates contain all vehicle/contact/contact reminders/parts records so that it is easy for users to identify and update the applicable fields. 

Field Values & Requirements

Unlike with new imports, you do not need to worry about including required fields if you are updating data and including the Fleetio ID. See the following articles for the lists of fields available to be updated.

NOTE: The Service Task, Vehicle, Contact, Contact Renewal Reminders and Parts Templates contain an "id" field in the first column for each vehicle/contact/part record.

If using a custom template or file from another system, a column for the "id" must be added to the file and reference the unique "id" for each record that is being updated.  If there is no id value present for a row, then the import will assume that the row is a new record and a new item will be created with the data in that row.

IMPORTANT: All data from the file will be transferred into Fleetio during the import. Be sure to only make changes to the fields that need to be updated.

Import File

IMPORTANT: All import files must be in the .csv format and meet .csv file standards. Go to http://csvlint.io/ to validate the .csv file if necessary.

If you have issues with Importing your data using a .csv file created by Excel, please try using Google Sheets or Apple's Numbers.  Excel can sometimes cause data issues when saving .csv files.

See  Importing Data into Fleetio for a step by step guide for importing data.

NOTE: During the mapping process (Step 2), be sure to map the "Id" column from the import file to the "Id" field in the "Fleetio Field Mapping" drop-down box. The "Id" field is what notifies Fleetio that the import is intended to "update" data and not create new records.

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